Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In the new spirit of keeping my raw food simple, here is an easy smoothie:
- 1/2 avocado
- handful of kale and collards
-1/2 peeled lemon
- 2 apples

Blend thoroughly.

This is not a sweet smooothie. I'm inching toward the more savory smoothies and juices. If you want more sweetness, add more apples.


Love is all you need. #mochaangels


Monday, November 28, 2011

My First 5K Race

Jona, me, and Raymond, cold as sin on Thanksgiving

Yes, I'm still alive. Thank you for the supportive emails and Facebook messages. I did indeed fall of the raw food wagon, but as Neale Donald Walsch says, "In life we can recreate ourselves as we just were or we can recreate ourselves anew. We are always remaking ourselves."

And whenever I am not raw, I do regret it. I simply do not feel like myself. Thanksgiving was no exception.  I was extremely blessed to have my parents and one of my brothers here with me. My mom brought a lot of food...COMFORT FOOD! Mac n cheese, dressing, and the like. I ate too much because the food tasted like home. All the positive childhood memories came up, and I kept on eating. I felt like a stuffed turkey.

I'm starting all over again, and that is okay. No need to beat myself up. It's a waste of time. I did, however, walk a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning. It also gave me the confidence to attend the Boot Camp class I had signed up for, but had never attended. I was intimidated by the mere words 'boot camp.' But after walking that race on a hilly, wet, slippery tree-lined trail in 37 degree weather, I am going to Boot Camp today.

Me in line about to start

Rom held the camera during my walk. So I don't have photos of the trail. The ground was full of wet leaves and puddles. I didn't run because I'd hurt my left ankle while training. My biggest concern was slipping on leaves. Thankfully that didn't happen. The whole thing was harder than I thought. I'd never been on this trail before....and did I mention it was 37 degrees? I wore 4 layers of shirts to stay warm.

Me at the finish line

But I completed the race! As challenging as it was, I would do it again! I'm already looking for a race that's close to my home. YEA!


May your mind learn to love with compassion. #mochaangels


Baltimore Abilities Special Arts Center

Raymond, Jona, Teen director Ruth Ann, and BASAC Founder-Director Zoey Robinson-Budreski

We went to the Baltimore Abilities Special Arts Center Open house last weekend and had a ball (as you can tell from the photos.)

Raymond is going to take a dance class there starting this week...with his brother watching from the sides. Jona will inevitably say, "I want to dance like Raymond." That's when I'll register him for a class! Raymond's excited and ready to roll!

I just wanted to share these two photos from the Open House because they were cute and funny. Those drums were LOUD! You see Jona's reaction.

But then he had to get on the drums himself!

A lot has been happening with the kids...all good things. Raymond and I are doing yoga together consistently. Jona's receiving the energy healing. They are both 'kicking butt and taking names' in Speech Therapy. I'm really proud of them. Continue to send us your positive loving energy.



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