Friday, October 29, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #12

Gloria Huerta

In the late 80's, I decided to go vegetarian once a week.  I was a young mother, and I wanted my children to eat "healthy".  I remember my first health fair, being 25 years old, and my cholesterol level was at 269.  I always attributed it to stress, as I worked in the legal field.  Twenty years later, my cholesterol levels were still high, and I was still blaming it on stress.  However, a health retreat in California really convinced me to completely switch to a vegetarian diet, and not just a once a week vegetarian.  I recognized that I was not honoring God with my eating habits. Nonetheless, I was an "uneducated" vegetarian -- and I'd say "uneducated" because of being lazy.  In 2008, Lifestyles Matters at Work came to our media center, and it was an incredible journey of accountability.  That is what had been lacking -- accountability.

I realized and accepted that I was really a JUNK FOOD vegetarian.  A chips vegetarian.  A French Fries vegetarian.  A pizza vegetarian.  That was me.  However, I learned how genetics and DNA works with regard to cancer cells, and I realized that I was a carrier of cancer genes. 

My mother had died of pancreatic cancer in the most painful, and agonizing manner.  Her brother before her had also died of cancer.  My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  His brothers after him -- the same.  Wake up call.  I had to do something about my lifestyle, and it would not only be changing my eating habits, it needed to include following the 8 principles of health. 

Right after Lifestyles Matters at Work ended, I participated in The Cancer Project's Food for Life Classes held in Pasadena, and my decision was confirmed as I was introduced to the Vegan lifestyle.  I had already participated in the 21-day Vegan Kickstart program, and I did not want to stray off the path.  I have been following a vegan lifestyle since January 1, 2010, and my health has been amazing!  For the first time ever, my cholesterol levels dropped below 200 !!  

My blood chemistry panel and all other laboratory worked confirmed that I was as healthy as I had  ever been.  I showed no deficiency in any area of my health (iron, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, etc., etc., etc.)  The doctor himself was in shock (I had been on cholesterol lowering meds and borderline high blood pressure meds).  He asked me:  What have you done differently other than the meds? "   I replied:  "I stopped the meds and went VEGAN!"  He could not believe it.  His reply was: "Well, keep doing what you're doing".  I've learned that everything I need for health as far as nutrition is concerned comes from plants -- the original diet given to the first humans.

I no longer suffer from insomnia. Since following the Vegan lifestyle, I also added a weekly exercise program (2-3 hours a week), I cut back on fats . . . NO MORE FRENCH FRIES! I have included much more grains and legumes to my diet. It has been such a fantastic journey. I am eating vegetables I always would say I didn't like, before I went Vegan. I am learning ways to make them so that I like them.

I began teaching Vegan lifestyle cooking classes in Spanish. I began teaching Vegan cooking to children. It has opened up so many possibilities for me. I decided to create a blog for Spanish speaking people who want to learn more about Vegan health and cooking, and I will now be a Food for Life Cancer demonstrator for The Cancer Project.

I have lost more inches than pounds, and dropped 3 dress sizes and 3 pant sizes. I love the way I feel and the way I look. People don't believe I'm almost 50 years old!

Gloria's blog is:
Thank you!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Portabello Mushroom Fajitas

Your family will think it took you HOURS to make this. No. I'm still coughing up crap, and I am becoming Miss Speedy in the kitchen. There is prep involved, but these fajitas are easy.

Buy a "fajita pack" from the store. It's in the produce aisle. It's onions, green peppers, and onions. If you want to buy them separately that's fine. It just takes more time. Take the veggies and put them in your dehydrator. Cover them with plastic to keep them soft.

For the mushrooms, slice them, marinate in salt and olive oil (or Bragg's Liquid Aminos and olive oil). I don't measure these. I do it by sight. Add minced garlic. Dehydrate veggies and mushrooms for about 2 hours.

When the mushrooms are ready, put them in lettuce or collards.

Put the veggies on top. Add avocados and cilantro. To bring out the flavor, squeeze lime juice over everything. (The lime is VERY important. Don't add more salt until you've added the lime juice and tasted your fajita. If you want more salt, add it then.)


Me and Raymond LOVE these things. Easy pacheesy!

Althea ◦

Sight Words

Raymond and I are working on learning Dolch Sight Words. I had him write two of them, "ate" and "are." He also wrote them in a sentence.

The compound words are highlighted (mommy, daddy, and parents) with different colors. I saw a YouTube video about teaching children who have trouble reading. The woman said to highlight the different sounds.

A good Dolch Sight Word website is:
I'm printing a free 35-page booklet as I type. I'll let you all know how it's going.

And Raymond and I have been doing the Kundalini Yoga Spinal Energy Series. I am a certified KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Yoga teacher. The Spinal Energy Series is said to increase the cerebral spinal fluid to the brain. He likes it because it's very active yoga.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading :-).

Althea ◦

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Better

Hey, All:

This is just a quick update to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking. Thank you for all the lovely emails and suggestions to help heal my lungs :-). I've been juicing a lot. I've got lots of carrots and apples and spinach. Above is my carrot juices.

And this is Onion Tea. This lovely (?) concoction is Rom's idea. He says it's a maternal family recipe. Onions, Jack Daniels, and honey. Yes, it tastes as good as it looks! LOL! I've thrown in vinegar, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic (thanks Sara!)....anything to get the gunk out.

I'll be back with more juices this week.

Althea ◦

Crepes, Juice, Lemonade, and Soup!

Today is just a quick update on some of the food we've made. Raymond made orange juice with my juicer.

Then he made his own lemonade. He truly has an advanced palette. I call him my 'sous chef.' I'm teaching the kid everything I know about food.

Tortilla Soup from 30-Minute Vegan. Black beans, tomatoes, garlic, onion, salt, and tortilla chips. Super easy and tasty.

Mushroom Spinach Crepes from 30-Minute Vegan. Even though the book has a crepe recipe, I made this from Pamela's Gluten-Free Baking Mix. The veggies are mushrooms, Italian seasoning (should be basil), garlic, sauteed for a few minutes. Put into a bowl with the spinach, and you have the filling. This is way beyond fantastic.

Althea ◦

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Green For Life Winner!

Three weeks ago, I announced Debbie as the winner of Green For Life. Although she left an email address, I haven't heard back from her. I even sent an email to another one listed in her profile.

Twelve other entrants had contact info. I drew another random number last night. And that winner is:

Mary from Wisconsin!

One of the new rules will be if I don't hear from the winner in seven days, a new winner will be drawn. I want to give away free books!! So only enter if you are certain to check your email or even read this blog! Congratulations, Mary!

Althea ◦

Friday, October 22, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #11

Mary Luciano

I have been inspired by the field of natural health and fitness for as long as I can remember. My path has led me to study natural health, nutrition, fitness and more recently raw and living foods.

In my early 20’s I started to experiment with the vegetarian diet but as I continued with my athletic endeavors I bought into the belief that you really needed meat to help grow your muscles. So although I still had my fruits and vegetables I started to reintroduce lean meats and fish back into my diet. However, I never really enjoyed them, the taste to me was not that appealing, especially as an athlete trying to maintain my weight and eating meat ever couple of hours as suggested by some of my nutritionists.

As an athlete I suffered from chronic injuries, mostly strains and sprains to the point where I needed to stop all physical activity and just focus on rehab exercises. Shortly after, I found out that I was susceptible to strains and sprains because I had a slight autoimmune disorder that caused my connective tissues to easily strain. Well that threw me for a loop as I thought I was always eating healthy and taking care of my body and I could not understand why this was happening to me.

In 2002, after listening to a speaker at a health show in Toronto, I learned about the raw food lifestyle. I heard more and more about eating raw and began to research the healing wonders of raw food. I couldn’t soak enough in and attended food demonstrations, workshops, and lectures from experts in the field who spoke in Toronto.

I was so intrigued about raw food and the vegan lifestyle that I decided to visit the visited the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2004 and for the past 6 years have learned extensively about Raw and Living foods through various raw food programs and current health research on the healing benefits of Raw and Living foods. By changing my diet to one that concentrated in raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, I was able overcome my chronic sports injuries and autoimmune disorder and get back to training competitively.

Eager to getting back to training I decided to experiment with raw and living foods against my trainer’s recommendations. My eating regimen was a running joke between my trainer and I — while I persuaded him to drink my wheatgrass he tried to convince me to add a little bit of meat back into my diet. But I was committed to proving that I could do this.

In June 2008, I entered my first fitness bikini competition and placed 3rd in the Masters division. In 2009, I decided to give it one more try and enter the figure category. This required that I put on more muscle. Now, I am always up for a challenge when someone tells me that I can’t build muscle on a vegan, let alone a raw diet, or, as my friend and trainer Andre calls it a “hippie” diet. So I set out to beat that challenge once again. I am proud to say that not only did I gain more muscle, but in November 2009 I placed second at the IDFA’s (International Drug Free Association) show in Toronto, Ontario, in the Novice Figure, short division, one up from my last year’s finish, and as a raw vegan athlete to boot!

This year I entered my third competition with the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) and placed 4th in the Women’s Open Division and 3rd in the Women’s Master Division allowing me to compete at the Provincial level. At the Provincials I placed 5th in the Women’s Master Division which qualified me to compete at the CBBF (Canadian Body Building Federation) National Championships.

My diet is anywhere from 80 to 100% raw with the exception of some steamed vegetables and whole grains. Wheatgrass, E3Live, Sunwarrior and Hemp Protein are my proteins of choice to help with muscle building along with lots of leafy greens and tons of sprouts.

I am promoter of natural health and a Raw and Living Food enthusiast; I enjoy sharing my knowledge and am committed to helping individuals make healthier lifestyle choices. I hold a Master of Science in Education and am both a teacher and Head of the Family Studies department for the York Region District School Board. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor, hold a Fitness and Lifestyle Management Certification. I worked at the Sports Clubs of Canada as a Fitness Director and am a Living on Live Food Level 1 Chef. In the past my fitness accomplishments have been: the Toronto Marathon in 1998, the Niagara and Barrie Dualthalon in 2000 and the Subaru Adventure Race in 2001.

My website is currently under construction and coming real soon…
You can read more about me on my blog at…
You can also connect with me on Facebook:
My Space:

You go, girl!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raw Food: Oh, The (Emotional) Places You'll Go!

What an emotional roller coaster! I am sick AGAIN with an upper respiratory infection. Since I'm coughing up yellow-green stuff, it's certainly a viral or bacterial infection. It wasn't killed back in August, so it's been dormant for the past month and a half. Repetitive illness is a clear sign that I have some emotional issues to deal with.

The lungs are part of the Heart Chakra. When working, the Heart Chakra is the seat of love and compassion. You can give and receive love freely. When not working, the Heart Chakra has trouble giving and receiving love, for a variety of reasons, usually trauma. The lungs, specifically, are the seat of grief.

(Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life are two good references. We are body, mind, and spirit beings. No illness can be looked at as only a physical issue. You miss a lot if you do not go deeper.)

Between 2006-2009, I had more upper respiratory infections than I can count. That was the height of my caretaking days. This year, I've had four. I'm clear on a few issues: I miss my extended family; I feel a sense of isolation as a stay-at-home mom; I am overextended in my obligations. I'm working on all three of these.

I have turned to food as comfort. If you're wondering what happened to my Raw Food Cleanse back in September, here's the deal: I was doing well. Both myself and my oldest son were consuming a quart of green smoothies a day. Then I got the STRONGEST cravings for my childhood foods. Ham, mac and cheese, mac salad, pizza...I wanted it all. The intensity and longevity of the cravings surprised me. I wrote Victoria Boutenko. My question was, "Can green smoothies, and/or raw food, release cellular memory?" I haven't heard back from her, but I think so.

So I started making cooked vegan versions of those foods. The first couple days, I felt okay. The emotional need of wanting to see my family was being met by the food. I had even told my friend Amaadi that I was thinking of changing my blog's name to The Vegan Mocha Angel.

Then I got sick as hell. Not upper respiratory sick. Whole body sick. My back hurt like sin, and still does (how I need my chiropractor). I didn't injure myself. It's like my back is inflamed. I couldn't think straight. I lacked mental focus. I just wanted to sleep all of the time, but couldn't. Premenstrual cramps flared up. Everything internal went haywire.

I thought, is this cause of our Western illnesses: the food? Could it really be that simple? In my case, yes, it's that simple. I do not carry the mantle of Raw Food Dogma. But what is clear is that cooked food absolutely lowers my immunity, energy, clarity, and connection. A poison if you will. Strong language, I know. But I must call it like I see it.

Me and Raw Food have had a love-hate relationship. This relationship is musically exemplified by Mel B and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Rumba on Season 5 of Dancing With the Stars.

In seriousness, I've been thinking about this a lot. I realized I have to feel I deserve perfect health. Eating things that make me sick is crazy. Also, as a mom, I put others needs first. But if I'm in a cooked food haze, then how is that helping my children? My health must come first so I can be emotionally present for my family.

I also have come back to my yoga roots. I've been seeking a spiritual foundation. I've had one in yoga all the while. Yoga is not about the poses (asana). Asana is the third rung on an eight limbed path. The eight limbs of yoga are:
Yama : Universal morality
Niyama : Personal observances
Asanas : Body postures
Pranayama : Breathing exercises, and control of prana
Pratyahara : Control of the senses
Dharana : Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
Dhyana : Devotion, Meditation on the Divine
Samadhi : Union with the Divine

My focus is on Ahimsa, the first Yama principle. Ahimsa is defined as non-violence. No harming of another living creature. In other words, honoring the life in all things. But as I read on Atma Jyoti, there is no talk anywhere of Ahimsa toward the SELF:

Though the subject is oddly missing from every commentary on the Yoga Sutras I have read, the practice of non-injury in relation to the yogi himself is vital. That is, the yogi must do nothing in thought, word, or deed that harms his body, mind, or spirit. This necessitates a great many abstensions, particularly abstaining from meat (which includes fish and eggs), alcohol, nicotine, and any mind- or mood-altering substances, including caffeine. On the other side, it necessitates the taking up of whatever benefits the body, mind, and spirit, for their omission is also a form of self-injury, as is the non-observance of any of the yama or niyamas. It is no simple thing to be a yogi.

It is no simple thing to be a yogi (or yogini, for women). No, it's not. But there is more to life than satisfying the five senses. The sixth sense, the intuitive self, longs to feel the connection to the inner self, others, and the Source we call God. I am looking into Ashtanga Yoga as my path. Why? Because the asanas are incredibly difficult, and will take me a lifetime of serious study to master. The Eight Limbs are core to the practice. That is what I want.

So the Raw Mocha Angel will remain The Raw Mocha Angel. I've been all over the place emotionally, but feel that I have found a home in Raw Food and Yoga. To live the 12-Steps to Raw Food, and to be honestly featured on my own blog as a Healthy Vegan are my goals. Thank you for remaining with me on this healing journey.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #10

Courtney Pool

Courtney Pool is a freelance writer, nutrition and cleansing coach, and blogger ( She is a supervisor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., author of live vegan nutrition books, including Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition. At the Tree of Life, Courtney also teaches nutrition and cleansing classes and runs the official Tree of Life blog. She is a blogger for

Courtney has been eating raw, plant-based-only foods for over 5 years and has Juice Feasted and fasted for over 146 days total, including a consecutive 60 day Juice Feast.

Courtney coaches and writes on the topic of healing emotional eating and eating disorders, and how raw food nutrition, supplementation and spiritual inspiration can support healing.

Courtney grew up in a standard American household with a mother who loved baking. As a varsity, state-ranked competitive swimmer and water polo player, Courtney’s high school dietary habits were what she would call ‘abominable’, consisting primarily of pasta, breads and sugar and lots of fast food. After seeing the documentary 'Supersize Me', an interest in health and nutrition was awakened, and a host of books and months of research later, Courtney happened upon the book The Food Revolution by John Robbins and went from eating an organic omnivorous diet to a vegan diet within a month.

Courtney's inspiration to begin eating vegan foods was due to a heart-opening in relation to the treatment of animals, a desire to keep her health optimal and not encounter the many diseases that currently befall much of our society, and as a support for her budding interest in personal growth and spirituality. Later, Courtney discovered the wonders of live, raw vegan food and within a year moved to Patagonia, Arizona to work with Gabriel Cousens, M.D. at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

Courtney is passionate about raw food nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices, cleansing and detoxification, youth and raw food, fitness, personal development and spiritual practices. Her favorite vegan foods are cabbage, sprouts, nuts, and the superfood spirulina!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Interviewed Queen Afua!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Queen Afua last night, via phone. If you don't know who she is, Queen Afua is a healer extraordinaire. She is the other of the books Heal Thyself, Sacred Woman, The City of Wellness, and Healing The Angry Vagina (compelling...yes?).

I first read the original edition of Heal Thyself in 1999. I've been a fan ever since. Even though we've met twice, in person, it was the first time I'd had an in-depth conversation with her. It was a little out of body for me. I got it all on my digital recorder. It'll take me some time to transcribe the conversation, but I promise to get it live as soon as I can. Queen Afua has been a holistic healer for over 30 years, and has helped transform thousands of lives. I hope you all read the interview. She is an amazing person who has honored her calling.

Althea ◦

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview with Queen Afua

Since most of you read my Raw Mocha Angel blog, I'll keep it brief. :-)

I interviewed Queen Afua last night. This woman has been an inspiration to me for over a decade. At the the end of the interview, I asked her if she had any suggestions for Autism. She gave me a list. She said I was the first person to ever ask her that question. Queen asked me, three times, to send her a testimony after 21-days. I promised I would. I will share that testimony here. I'm only working on Raymond first. Working on both boys at the same time is a bit much!

Althea ◦

30-Minute Vegan Blogging!

I'm vegan. I'm busy. I love to make food. I want to go to culinary school. "Cooking" (can I get a better word for "raw vegan food preparation?") is my passion and the way I best express myself.

I've gotten the green light to blog my way through 30-Minute Vegan from co-author Mark Reinfeld. I can only post 5 of the recipes, by publisher request. So my lovely readers will see lots of yummy food, but not many recipes (sorry). The raw vegan dishes will be here. The cooked vegan ones on my sons' blog. I hope you all come along for the ride!

Althea ◦

Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventures in Autism and Bowel Movements

Dr. Angela Santenello and Jona

Jona went to Kennedy Krieger's Center for Autism Research and Development on September 23rd. He got their testing, "the gold standard" as everyone tells me. His behavior and speech was consistent with Autism. I've got three official opinions now. I think I'm done testing him. :-) I decided to reschedule Raymond's test with them. He'll be going in November.

Update on Jona's behavior: He has been doing really well in this department. He understands and respects the word, "No." There have been no public temper tantrums. He can be rigid. He wanted me to bring him his "The Rock" toy. When I wouldn't do it, he stayed upstairs for an hour waiting for me to cave. That's okay. He is learning to get his own toys, his own water out of the fridge, and not expecting us to do everything for him. Yea!

Jona and Raymond

So Rom says I'm obsessed with Raymond's bowel movements. I am not! I think he has leaky gut. I've been reading a host of articles about it. Because he's been constipated for so many years, I am very focused on this.

Here are some of the best articles I found:

Since my last post about Raymond's constipation, here's how he's been having his BMs since September 17:
1 day BM (September 17)
2 days no BM
9 days BM
1 day no BM
1 day BM
2 days no BM
6 days BM *
1 day no BM
1 day BM (Oct 10)

* On October 3rd, I twisted his meridian large intestine alarm points b/c it had been two days. He went that day. On October 4th, he had three bowel movements. Raymond has never in his eight years had 3 BMs in one day. I had added coconut oil to his green smoothies. Coconut oil has essential fatty acids, and I had some in the house, so I added a tablespoon to his smoothies. That, combined with the meridian work, must have done the trick.

We have also been doing the brain balance program, and energy work. The two things I have noticed is that Raymond's reading is a bit better, and he is physically stronger. The healing work continues!

Althea ◦

Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 Minute Vegan Blogging!

I'm vegan. I'm busy. I love to make food. I want to go to culinary school. "Cooking" (can I get a better word for "raw vegan food preparation?") is my passion and the way I best express myself.

I've gotten the green light to blog my way through 30-Minute Vegan from co-author Mark Reinfeld. I can only post 5 of the recipes, by publisher request. So my lovely readers will see lots of yummy food, but not many recipes (sorry). The cooked vegan dishes will be here. The raw vegan ones on my Raw Mocha Angel blog.

First up was Pleasing Greens Soup. I did this first because I had all of the ingredients already, except parsley. I used cilantro instead. Don't let my boring picture fool you. Me and Raymond enjoyed this. He even asked me if I would make it again. Having trouble getting your kids or grand kids to eat their greens? Here you go:

6 cups water or veggie stock
4 cups thin sliced dinosaur kale (or regular kale)
1 yellow onion
1 cup thin sliced celery
1 carrot grated (about one cup)
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons minced ginger
1/4 teaspoon celery seeds
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup minced parsley (tastes great w/ cilantro!)
1/4 cup soy sauce (I used Braggs Liquid Aminos)
3/4 cup cashews, potatoes, or rice

Boil water, kale, onion as you add the remaining ingredients. After everything comes to a boil, cover and simmer for 5-8 minutes, or until tender.

Blend in batches. This is HOT, so be careful. Cover the blender with a dishcloth if necessary. Return back to the pot and reheat, if needed. Serve immediately. Let it cool before you refrigerate it. Lasts 3-4 days.

Althea ◦

Emotional Eating

I was going to write a long treatise on emotional eating and raw food. The more I thought about it, I said to myself, "No." People need practical help, not just something to think about. I will say that if you are struggling with raw, don't ignore the emotional angle. Food is suppose to simply sustain us. It's where we get our energy.

But for most of us, it's emotional comfort. It's home. It's love. It's safe. It doesn't talk back. It's satiating. A lot of raw vegan food doesn't do that. When we get upset, angry, frustrated, we turn back to what feels good. I've been having my own challenges with that as well. I have turned to my yoga to help.

Below are two meditations that have helped me, and I hope they help you all. Emotional eating affects everyone, not just someone striving for a raw vegan lifestyle. Share these meditations with those you love.

Still Heart Meditation
Perform before and after each daily meal.

Sit in a chair with palms facing up on your lap, head erect, neck long, and shoulders relaxed. Your back is straight and knees in alignment with your feet. Gently breathe in and out as you visualize an emerald or green malachite stone over your heart center. Inhale the breath of life into your nostrils until it reaches and fills your heart.

Breathe out anxiety. Breathe in serenity. Breathe out anger. Breathe in joy. Breathe out fear. Breathe in reasurance. Breathe our insufficiency. Breathe in abundance. Breathe deeply until your thoughts stop racing and all worry has left your mind. Finally your emotions will settle into a calm place of a still heart.

When you are rooted in that place of balance, place your palms over your heart, and say, "Thank you."

Perform the Still Heart Meditation before and after your meals and you will eat in a balanced state and make Ma'at (see below) consciousness a firm habit in your life. You will gain control over your desires. You will not overindulge in food. You will support your heart, the gateway to Heaven on Earth.

(Ma'at was the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. - Wikipedia)

Meditation for a Calm Heart
Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan Sept, 1981

Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight. Either close the eyes or look straight ahead with the eyes 1/10th open.

Place the left hand on the center of the chest at the Heart Center. The palm is flat against the chest, and the fingers are parallel to the ground, pointing to the right. Make Gyan Mudra with the right hand (touch the tip of the index (Jupiter) finger with the tip of the thumb. Raise the right hand up to the right side as if giving a pledge. The palm faces forward, the three fingers not in Gyan Mudra point up. The elbow is relaxed near the side with the forearm perpendi­cular to the ground.

Concentrate on the flow of the breath. Regulate each bit of the breath consciously. Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely. When the breath is totally out, lock the breath out for as long as possible.

Continue 3-31 minutes.
To end: inhale and exhale strongly 3 times. Relax.

This entire posture induces the feeling of calmness. It creates a still point at the heart center.

If you are upset and not sure how to react to a stressful situation, sit in this meditation before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart.
Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart.

Try these everyday. Three minutes is all it takes to reset yourelf!
Go easy and love yourself, always.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #9

Brenda Cobb

Brenda Cobb, Founder and Director of The Living Foods Institute, overcame the early stages of breast and cervical cancer without the use of drugs or surgery by following the simple principles of detoxification and nutrition.  She also got rid of allergies, acid reflux, indigestion, arthritis, obesity, age or liver spots, and gray hair.  Her eyesight even improved!  She looks and feels 10 years younger than she did 10 years ago.  Brenda now devotes her life to educating others in this wonderful Truth.

This is not your typical before and after story, this is the testimony of one woman’s all natural total healing from cancer and how she turned her personal health crisis into a gift for the world.

In 1999 Brenda Cobb was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. Her doctor said she would be dead in 6 months to a year if she didn’t do surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She didn’t do anything the doctor recommended and she still healed completely!

How did she do it? Brenda nourished her body with organic raw and living foods, detoxified and cleansed her colon, lymphatic system and blood; cleared out and healed emotional stuff she had buried inside and in six months she was completely healed! Brenda used to be plagued with allergies, arthritis, obesity, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches and skin problems, but now that is all in the past. Today she is vibrantly healthy and radiant!

Her mission is to teach as many people as possible how to restore and maintain the most optimum health by eating organic raw and living foods, detoxification and emotional healing. She is recognized as a foremost leader, healer and teacher in the raw and living foods movement. Many thousands of people have taken her classes, workshops and seminars and their testimonies are awe-inspiring.

Brenda and her son Rich

She has authored many books, made numerous television and radio appearances and has taught hundreds of classes about good health and healing naturally. She is a dynamic and charismatic woman who is certain to inspire you to become educated and enlightened and to take care of your most valuable asset, your health!

Brenda says,

“I know complete healing is possible when a person has real faith and belief. God created the body to be able to heal itself and it will when it is given what it needs to do the job.

Thousands of our students have been told by their doctors that they were hopeless, terminal or incurable, but I believe and have seen with my own eyes that with God's help, prayer, positive thinking, emotional healing, cleansing, and optimum nutrition people can and do heal.

It is imperative people learn how to properly take care of their own health. Many times people don’t do better because they don’t know any better. When a person becomes educated in exactly what to do and then does it, the healing possibilities are limitless. Everyone can have good health, because with God all things are possible.”


Friday, October 1, 2010

Living Foods Institute Scholarships

Dear Readers:

The Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA has scholarships available.

The Living Foods Institute is an educational training center devoted to teaching people how to restore their health through detoxification and good nutrition. Their mission is to "Heal the World, One Person at a Time."

They promote holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit with enzyme-rich organic Raw and Living Foods. They teach how and why Raw and Living Foods can help a person achieve optimum health, and provide hands-on instruction in our Living Foods kitchen, where students learn how to prepare a multitude of delicious and nutritious Raw and Living Foods recipes with ease.

There are different course levels available:
The scholarship is for the Bronze Level:
Bronze Package - $1900.00
10 Day Includes training classes, recipes, 100% organic food for 10 days, emotional healing classes, enema bag, catheter, syringe, training manual, Living Foods Lifestyle® book certificate of course completion, 1 Chi Machine treatment, 1 MedLight treatment, 1 Rebounder session.

October Scholarship: Pays for nearly 68%. You would pay only $600. Class runs Oct. 8-17.
December Scholarship: Pays for 50%. You would pay $950. Class runs Dec. 3-12.
Please call 404-524-4488, outside of Atlanta use the toll free number 1-800-844-9876, or email at
Brenda Cobb, Founder and Director, overcame the early stages of breast and cervical cancer without the use of drugs or surgery by following the simple principles of detoxification and nutrition.  She also got rid of allergies, acid reflux, indigestion, arthritis, obesity, age or liver spots, and gray hair.  Her eyesight even improved!  She looks and feels 10 years younger than she did 10 years ago.  Brenda now devotes her life to educating others in this wonderful truth.

I've spoken with Brenda on the phone several times. I have also read her book and love it. She is a wonderful spirit. If you can take advantage of these scholarships, or know someone who can, go for it!

And if anyone would like to sponsor me, contact me at This isn't only for me, dear readers, it's for my children as well. The more raw food they get inside of them, the better. Especially for Raymond, who I'm sure has leaky gut syndrome. Healing for my whole family is my intention.

Althea ◦

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #8

Dana Smith

As the daughter of a chef who specialized in Southern comfort foods and a mother raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina Dana was no stranger to good eating.  She started cooking at 8 years of age and enjoyed experimenting with different recipes.  Poultry or fish took center stage at every meal and she was often praised for the wonders she could do with chicken.

In 2002 Dana gave birth to her daughter and due to the challenges of being a new mom and working a demanding job she sought a way through manage stress with practicing yoga.  Amazed at how wonderful it made her feel she decided to get certified as a teacher just a year later. 

As her practice deepened she realized the foods that she was eating wasn’t supporting her journey and knew that a total dietary upheaval was necessary.  She wanted to practice Ahimsa (non-violence, non-harming) both on and off the mat.  She slowly began to eliminate meat, poultry and fish from her diet and finally became a 100% vegetarian.

After 5 years of eating strictly vegetarian a friend introduced her to the world of veganism.  Initially skeptical that she could let go of her fondness of dairy and eggs she fought the natural transition to eating even more compassionately for 6 months.  

With research and the support of other vegan friends Dana made the leap and has been enjoying a 100% vegan lifestyle for over 3 years now.  Recently she incorporated 30% raw foods into her diet and has experienced a new level of health and mental clarity.

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