Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kripalu - Big News!


Me and Maya Breuer

Okay, so I've been laying low for a while. I'll just get to the awesome news!

I'm going back to Kripalu next year as a TEACHER!!! Maya Breuer, legendary founder of Yoga Retreat for Women of Color, asked me to be one the presenters next year!!!!!!!!!


This was completely unexpected, but something I'd wanted to do since 2004. That was a super rough year. I've had a lot of those, but 2004 stands out. I'd gotten the presenters application from Kripalu that summer. I filled it out, but never sent it in.

I had imagined that Kripalu would be my first time teaching on a national stage. And it came true! I'll be one of a few women teaching that weekend. I get 75 minutes. Maya asked me to focus on food, since that was obviously my passion.

And what is so wild is that I was supposed to leave on Sunday, June 3. I stayed another night because I was so wired from the weekend with Snatam Kaur. I had no idea Maya would even be there. I saw her and fellow teacher Sherry's seminar, and said to myself, "Oh, Maya is here. I'm going to introduce myself and ask her some questions, if I can."

I saw her for a hot second Sunday night. She said, "My class is about to start, but find me at breakfast tomorrow."

Breakfast at Kripalu is always silent. If you want to talk, there's a separate room, or you can go outside to enjoy breakfast. Maya found me. Me, her, Sherry, and a few other women shared a table. We talked for about two hours.

At the end of our conversation, Maya says, "I'd like you to be a presenter at the Women of Color Retreat next year."

I nearly fainted.

Seriously. My dream had come true. I could not believe it. I've spent the past month wondering if it all was a dream. Yesterday, Maya asked me for my headshot, bio, etc. That snapped me back to reality. Yes, it is real! All because I was moved to go to Kripalu that weekend! All because I stayed an extra night!

The process of manifestation is awe-inspiring. Sometimes, you have to sit back in wonder in how the Universe does answer your deepest wishes, be it good or bad.


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Althea ◦


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