Monday, May 17, 2010

Step Ten in the Raw Vegan Hero's Journey

10. I possess an unrelenting desire to heal
Inspired by the mythical Hero’s Journey first compiled in The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell (photos are of famous, recognizable characters on their own journeys).
Prior Steps:
1. I manifest the life that I want by proclaiming it in the NOW
2. I align myself with my core values
3. I Am open and willing to Change
4. I study to become a fantastic raw food chef.
4 1/2. I learn where my food comes from.
5. I develop a spiritual backbone.
6. I have allies, supporters and mentors.
7. I heal my relationship with food (I get an emotional grip)
8. I find emotional satisfaction in things other than food
8 ½. I practice forgiveness
9. I practice juice and smoothie fasting

April, Tanya, and Sandino in I Can Do Bad All By Myself
“You are determined to heal, aren’t you?”
My husband has said the aformentioned sentence to me several times over the past few years. Yes, I am determined to heal. Healing is not so much a “finish line” but it is a journey. And it’s an integral part of The Raw Vegan Hero’s Journey.
In short: possess an unrelenting desire to heal.
I don’t care how many time you run in circles with raw food. You are ultimately running back to yourself. The sooner you acknowledge you already possess all you need to heal, the sooner you’ll feel peace.
My six-year anniversary with my relationship with raw food was in April. As the date passed, I reflected on my challenges along the way. This blog, and this journey, was to help other people as they struggle.
Dr. Maya Angelou, Tyler Perry, and Ciciley Tyson on set of Madea's Family Reunion
I realized two things:
1) I had to stop making new dishes. After six years, I’ve made countless raw juices, smoothies, soups, entrees, salads, and desserts. I was looking outside myself for an answer I already had. I have enough knowledge to pull together my favorite raw foods. I stayed up past midnight last night to compile those foods. I have a list of 15 entrees, 5 salads, 3 salad dressings, 22 drinks, and 11 desserts that I love. I made 2 copies: one for my purse, and one for my kitchen. It’s time to stock my kitchen with those items and master them. My focus, now, is healing maintenance for myself so I have the energy to do other things I want to do. I’ve hit the pause button on blogging through Light Eating for Survival and Everyday Raw. I’ll come back to them again when the time is right.
2) A struggle with food is never about the food. You are hungry for something else if raw is not doing it for you. I read Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth. It’s one of those books you must re-read at least once. Time must be given to let it marinate in your mind. A review is a month or two away for that reason. I’ve zeroed in on what I’ve been really hungry for.
Don’t ever give up on yourself. You are a Divine entity meant to shine your light and love in this world. If something is not working, pause, ask (insert your name for God here) for help, listen, then act. Love is always ready to help you.



Mindy said...

What an inspiring post! I think we all need to have a list of core, go-to recipes, as you describe. This can free us up from so much obsessing over what to make. And later, when it feels right, we can always experiment with something new from time-to-time if that gives us pleasure.

I look forward to your book review. I've already added this book to my wish list. I listen to a podcast called Insights at the Edge. Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, is the host. You can listen to all the archives for free. Tami interviewed Geneen Roth a while back, and it was absolutely awesome. Give a listen, when you get a chance. I bet you will really enjoy it and be inspired.

許冠廷 said...

All roads lead to Rome. 堅持自己所選! ........................................


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