Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lots of Appointments!

It's been two months since I updated this blog. Raymond and Jona have had lots of dr. visits in my quest for diagnoses. Raymond has been to Kennedy Kreiger in the Neuropsychology department. He will be doing cognitive testing in late June.

I took both children to University of Maryland Medical Center to see a development pediatrician. They say Dr. Karen Spencer and Dr. Valentine. He will offer his diagnosis after hearing from a psychologist and Kennedy Kreiger. That will be in July, so look for a diagnosis, and plans on many levels after that!

These photos are from their visits with Drs. Spencer and Valentine.

And below are two pictures with Dr. Tao, who is a relative's doctor. I just had to finally get a picture with Jona and stethoscope. Every time we go to any doctor, he wants him or her to listen to his heart. He says he is "Jona Doctor."

Dr. Tao listening to Jona's heart.

Jona about to listen to his own heart!

This is Lori Zavoyna, who is Raymond other speech therapist. He sees her in a group setting with other kids at our local elementary school.

And Raymond, ever the chef, made "Yoda Soda" from the Star Wars cookbook for kids. He is so creative in the kitchen and has a real passion for food (he picked the right mom!).
So that's it for now. More appointments are forthcoming. Once certain things happen, my blog will become about their therapies, progress, and healing.
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