Sunday, June 20, 2010


My Oprah Winfrey Network audition went live two weeks ago. It has been akin to having a baby. All the emotional build up: "Is my baby going to be okay?" Is everything alright?" (That was me writing and re-writing the script, cooking the food, and making sure I brought everything to the shoot.) Then the labor. (That was the filming itself.) Then I brought the baby home. (That was uploading it to the OWN site.) I was exhausted. I hadn't slept for two weeks prior to the shoot. Now that my baby was out there for the whole world to see, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops.

But I was butt-ass tired.

Just like you are after giving birth. You are so in love, so happy you have your baby in your arms. You want to spend all of your waking hours protecting and nurturing and loving your child. And you want to show the baby off.

But all you really want to do is sleep.

That was me two weeks ago, and that is me now :-).

You can vote and view the audition as many times as you like. The link is here:
and please share with your friends. I am proud of what I did, and I would love my readers' continued support! We've got two more weeks to view and vote. Voting ends 11:59pm July 3rd.

I am truly grateful for the love and the support I have gotten thus far. It's been overwhelming. My friends Amaadi, Laura, Audrey, Lori, David, Betty....I can't even keep track of it all.

On June 9, two days after the audition went live, I watched Oprah's 10th anniversary O Magazine special. It aired on May 27, but I had DVR'd it (is DVR'd a word??). She asked Dr. Phil what was his best advice. He said, "Do a Game Changer. So many people walk around living their lives, or a version of a life that their parents told them to live. Do something. Shake things up!!"

I said to the TV, "I just did that!" And boy, if I had known the emotional twists and turns that come with airing yourself to the world, I'd have thought twice. But...I highly recommend you all do a Game Changer. Whatever your biggest dream for yourself is right at this moment, take a step toward it. It's scary, but it will open up a world of new opportunities for you.

I've learned what type of competitor I am. I'm best when I am grounded and not worried about what other folk are doing or how their votes are progressing.

I've learned to trust, and take the same advice I give other people.

I've learned to focus on the outcome I want, and not focus on the muddling middle.

I've learned to be open to opportunities.

I've learned to answer my email on a timely basis :-).

I've learned that I really, really, really want to teach people about raw vegan, cooked vegan, and gluten-free food. A plant-based diet is so scary to most. It's not. It's fun and delicious! That's why I started this blog. And that is what I want to share with the world.

Althea ◦

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vote for my Oprah Winfrey Network Audition!!

Me taking a break from filming

Here's my suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper exciting news: The Oprah Winfrey Network has an open call for people who want to compete for their own show on her network. Yours truly shot her audition yesterday!
The link is here:

The video is property of Oprah Winfrey Network now, so you have to go there to vote for me!
This is my dream job. I see myself as a teacher first, above everything else. The chance to teach people on television how to make tasty gluten-free, vegan, and YES, raw vegan food is my ultimate dream. Imagine having someone on television making green smoothies and juices!

This project began at my house with making all the food. My friends Vaneta and Tahisha came over and cut and peeled, and diced 6 bags of apples. They kept me sane while I made meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, kale salad, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookies. I also made a cooked apple crisp that was not shown on film.

I am "The Gluten-Free Vegan" who chose to show of southern comfort food, but I demonstrated a raw vegan apple crisp, as well as a nut-free vegan alternative.

Kyle and Me going over the script

A 3-minute video took weeks of planning and preparation. I could not have done this alone. My director was Kyle Watson, a multi-talented creative young man. I also had my friends Eleanor, Ellen, David, Amaadi, Laura, Sue, and Lori Purdue, who owns Mystickal Voyage. She graciously allowed us to film there on the one day the store is closed.

Me making the marinade for the apple crisp

It took three and a half HOURS to film 14 minutes of footage. The script was 7:57 minutes long. Kyle had to make executive decisions to get it down to approximately three minutes (which is the rule for length).

Kyle setting up the table shot at the end

What you don't see is the lightblocker (Sue), the person keeping me sane (Michele), the voice of calm (Ellen), the stylist (Eleanor), the pep talkers (Amaadi and David), the cleaner-uppers (everyone), and the person who kept us all grounded (Lori).

You also don't see my husband (Rom), who took off from work to stay home with our boys so I could film this audition. Lots of people. Lots of love!

Kyle and Michelle directing and holding cue cards

A shot that got taken out b/c of time: kale salad, mac & cheese, and meatloaf

Michele, me, and Ellen clowning around

This was an all-day affair. I left my house at 9:30am, and got back around 6:30pm. I will never forget this day. It was so much fun. This is a two-step process: 1) The audition is to become a contestant on a reality show to 2) compete for your own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

I ask everyone to hold the intentions that I am a finalist and chosen the for reality show; and that I am announced the WINNER of the competition.

Thanks and love,
Althea :-)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Upcoming Events!

Hi Everybody:

I'll be a vendor at a Raw Food Festival on Sunday, June 6. I'll have samples of my apple crisp, and selling a booklet of my raw recipes. I'd love to meet some of my local MD/DC/VA readers! Here is the info:
Date: Sunday June 6th, 2010

Time: 2pm-5pm
1. RSVP: If you plan on attending please RSVP (children are welcomed).
2. Location: Renaissance Square Artist Housing
4307 Jefferson Street, Hyattsville, MD 20781 - community room
3. Parking: is in the back, please do not pack in the church parking lot, drive past the building and park.
4. Metro: you can take the metro to PG plaza and from there catch the F8 or the 86 bus
or the 86 or the 81 from Rhode Island Ave Metro - check for more details.
5. Cost: No cost but we do welcome donations!
RSVP/ Contact: Wanakhavi Wakhisi

I'll take lots of pictures!! :-)
Also, I have something SUUUUUUUUUPER exciting to share with you on Monday, June 7.
And a review + giveaway of the cookbook 30-Minute Vegan will be live soon!
have a great and safe weekend,
Althea ◦

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black Weblog Awards!

Hi Everyone!
I've chosen to participate in the Black Web Blog awards this year.
I've worked really hard on this blog for 2 1/2 years to make it the
best I possibly can. I'm asking my readers to nominate my blog
The Raw Mocha Angel
in the following categories:

Best Blog Post Series (The Raw Vegan Hero's Journey)
Best Cooking or Food Blog
Best Health or Wellness Blog

There are 33 other categories. If you have other people in other
categories you'd like to nominate, feel free. But you do not have
to fill in all the categories.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Althea ◦


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