Friday, December 24, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #13

Marcus Patrick

I ate a lot of junk growing up. It's a wonder I was an athlete with what amount of candy I ate. I was lucky that my father always placed a bowl of raw vegetables in cold water on the table at every mealtime. This was his idea of us all having health and it clearly worked.. What a blessing he was! :)

My turning point was a prayer. I was very unhappy in the world. I saw all the corruption and insensitivity to others and wanted off the planet. I asked God/The Universe to either wipe me out or use me for His work because I personally felt done here on Earth. After that my body began rejecting the flesh and diary or any poison. My life changed, I began to cleanse the vessel that I live in. Almost like I am now here as a living example of living with the laws of truth/God.

I eat raw, vegan, living foods. 90% green leaves and a few nuts and seeds. My focus is alkaline foods. Water Rich. Cleansing. Mineral Rich.

I feel Super Human. Like the Light of Christ is growing in me. The Light is in the foods, it can be seen with a Kirlian Image. I've eaten only that so the Light has grown inside me like electrical watts.

My life changed tremendously. I left all the entertainment business for a focused, humble life of coaching other Beings to enjoy the same success and I feel extremely loving to humanity. I have witnessed many miracles with all who follow the information that I practice. I have so much excitement to be alive and evolve into a healthier, stronger, happier being.

Wisdom is hand in hand with humility. We all need to be studying everyday, the new findings of Science and Scripture from the Spiritual past. This is what I dedicated my life to and when anyone chooses to do this they break out from a fixed, arrogant, mindset, into a flexible, learning, bright, being that can flow with Gods, evolution and changes. God is truth and truth is God, so eradicate all lies from ones life and God shows up as truth and wisdom daily.

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YouCanLoveYourLifeNow! said...

Beautiful inside and out! ;-)

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...


BettyJ said...

A truly inspiring Vegan Brother - Love his lifestyle and philosophy towards achieving a healthy mind, body & soul. And a beautiful soul he is....!

ChocolateOrchid said...

I'm shocked I was able to focus on his message and not solely on his gorgeous photos. Lol.

This is very inspiring. On so many levels.


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