Friday, July 31, 2009

Ani's Raw Food Desserts: Book Review and Contest!

Ani Phyo, eco-chef and author of Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, has a new book out called Ani's Raw Food Desserts. This book is a wonderful, and needed, book in the raw food world. First, the book is beautiful. The book's look and feel has a retro 1950s design to it. My oldest son Raymond, the chef, loves to read it because it's so pretty.

It's more than a book filled with luscious, and simple, raw desserts. Phyo is, at her core, a green-living queen. Like Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, this book is full of simple ways to go more green; simple ways that don't require turning your life upside down, but do require you to think more consciously about how you consume. She includes tips on green entertaining, avoiding toxic cleaners, natural cleaners, and natural skin care.

Sliced Apples with Rosemary

But it's always about the food. In this small, 200-page book packed with information are 85 easy, delicious raw desserts. Even a beginner could make these recipes with ease. And the good news is that only eight desserts require a dehydrator. And they have their own section (sun-baked treats).

Ani's desserts are:
Frozen Treats
Cakes and Tartlets
Chocolate and Fudge
Crisps and Cobblers
Pudding and Parfaits
Cookies and Kreams
Fruit Simples
Sun-Baked Treats
Sauces and Kreams
Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne

At the beginning, Ani also goes over the primary ingredients used in her desserts and well as the equipment and tools needed the recipes. To make things even easier, each recipe has icons to let you know what kitchen tools you'll need to make the dessert.

Key Lime Kream Bars Batter
Right before I put it in the freezer

I made Ani's Ice Kream Sandwiches first. It's a combination of the Key Lime Kream Bars and Carob Walnut Cookies. I could have eaten the Key Lime Kream with a spoon. It's a rich, creamy frozen treat with a touch of lime.

Carob Walnut Cookies

And the cookies....made completely in a food processor, they come out warm. I had to stop myself from eating them right out of the FP. It's hard to believe that four ingredients can create a treat that delectable.

Ice Kream Sandwiches

Together, they create ice cream sandwiches that my family loved. I can give these treats two thumbs up. And making this dessert was fast. You will not spend all day in the kitchen to make her desserts. That is what I can appreciate about this book.

Once again, Ani has produced a book that takes raw food to a new level: a simple, delectable, and accessible level that raw and cooked foodies will love.

I give it 10 out of 10 mocha angels!

If you love to make raw desserts, this is your book! And you might even WIN a free copy of Ani's Raw Food Desserts! Here are the rules:
-Post your favorite raw food dessert on my blog in the comment section.
-Be sure to share the recipe, if you know it, and reference the book you got it from if it's not your original recipe.
- Leave a workable email address you check regularly at the end of your post so I can contact you if you win.
- You have until Tuesday, August 11 by 11:59pm to post your favorite dessert.
- I will randomly pick and announce a winner on Wednesday, August 12 by 11:59pm. I will also email the winner by that time.

That's it! Good luck to everyone!




Dr. Rhonda said...

Althea, I hate to admit it (as the Cupcake Queen I am) but I don't think I've ever had a "raw Dessert". I have had and make lots of vegan desserts but not "raw" dessert. BUT! I love the look of the Ice Kreme sandwiches in your blog so I am claiming those! I'd love to see what other desserts are in the book!
Rhonda Waller

A said...

Hi Althea! I too love Ani's dessert book! For my favorite...I've been loving the raw ice creams in "Local Wild Life- Turtle Lake Refuge Recipes for Living Deep" (no ice cream maker required) but my favorite dessert right now is from Ani's new book, the Spiced Blueberry Cobbler. I've made extra cobbler crumble and put it in a jar in the fridge and then sprinkle that on raw ice creams or other fruit -- instant fancy dessert!

A said...

p.s. The recipe for the cobbler crumble is:
1 cup dry almonds
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup pitted semi-soft Medjool dates

Process 1st 4 ingredients into course pieces and then add dates and process until mixed well. Can pour into a jar and keep for weeks in the fridge.
From Ani's Raw Food Desserts book.

Angelique :)

jessica said...

hello althea,

i have stumbled across your blog, and it is lovely.

my favorite raw dessert is deceptively simple- a handful of dried figs and a handful of almonds, pureed together with some honey or sweetener. I then rolled them into individual balls that I then covered in either cocoa powder or crushed up nuts -and refrigerated to make them firmer. I made this a few years ago, so I can't exaclty remember the proportions- there may be a recipe for something like this out there. All I can remember is that I couldn't stop eating them!

i would love to see what Ani has in store in her book! :)



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