Monday, July 6, 2009

105 Degrees and Rejuvelac

I wanted to share with you all some exciting news in the raw food world. Matthew Kenney, one of my favorite chefs and authors, is a partner in a new raw food chef academy, restuarant, and and shop called 105degrees. The website is

From the website:
"The name 105degrees represents the optimum temperature for preparing living cuisine, also called raw food cuisine, without harming its healthful properties.”

"Oklahoma City-based 105degrees is the place for living cuisine, featuring a café, an academy, and a boutique retail shop. In 2008, 105degrees was created to fill a void in the culinary world."

"The 105degrees Academy is a state-licensed educational institution. It was created to share and advance cutting-edge living cuisine in an inviting environment through superior instruction and creative education designed to challenge and prepare our students. We offer chef certification courses, as well as public culinary instruction. "

The Grand Opening is September 2009, for the restaurant, the academy, and the shop. If you are interested in become a raw food chef, download the course catalog, which is here: This is very exciting news. Kenney and his team will continue to push raw and living food to new heights. I look forward to taking a trip to Oklahoma City to take some classes :-)

On the personal end, it's been a tough few weeks. I made Rejuvelac last week. Here is what I learned: drink it the first day it's ready. On Day One it smelled like cheese, but tasted like weak lemonade. On Day Two, it smelled like cheese and tasted like cheese.

This is what it looked like before I poured it out of the sprouting jar. Now, the next day, I took Raymond to a campfire at our local nature center. We made s’mores. Yes, I had the ooey-gooey combination of roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. The next day, Saturday, June 27, I had diarrhea ALL DAY. Thank goodness, I was at work (which sounds oxymoronic) but Mystickal Voyage is an amazing place, as I've said before. They let me rest in one of the healing rooms, which gave me the strength to drive home.

I was feeling better by Sunday. On Monday, I took Raymond to get a hearing test, which he passed. Me and the kids met a friend for lunch. I was proud that my kids behaved with other adults and had a great time. Jona even danced for us twice! LOL.

And then Tuesday night hit. Rom called me at work to tell me LaVerne had another seizure. Turns out she had another stroke. On Wednesday she had trouble walking and we knew what had happened. Rom and I alternate taking LaVerne and Ruby to the hospital, when needed. It was my turn. I got home from the ER around 2:00am, and I've had trouble recovering ever since. I've been exhausted. I slept most of July 4th. I missed my friend Amaadi's baby shower, and I just overall feel like crap. I ate garlic raw last night, and my chest congestion is gone. I just feel like I need to drink only green juices for a few days until I feel right again.

But I did have an AMAZING, positive dream this morning, which made me feel better. I know all of this will have a happy ending. I only ask for all of your positive energies to be sent my way.

Thanks for reading :-).


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Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Marshmellows are made from animal parts. That's why (among other reasons) you got sick.


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