Tuesday, July 28, 2009

365 Days of Healing

With all my responsibilities, one thing I have heard consistently over the past five years is, "Take care of yourself!" Since things have now settled down in my house, that is exactly what I am doing. I did get out on Saturday, July 25, and managed to see ladies from both Mocha Mom chapters I am a member of. The above photo is of me and Kimberly at a park. Me, Kimberly, and Cat got our kids together and managed to have grown-up conversation at the same time!

Kimberly and Cat

Latisha, Tricia, Dali, and Malikah
These are the ladies from the Mocha Mom chapter where I live currently. We had an Open House at a library, and I managed to take a few cute pictures!

Nitza and Dali, our president and vice-president

And this is Jona and Kimberly's kids at the park.
I just wanted to share, because I've gotten a lot of emails from folk making sure I'm okay. All the drama has taught me that I do have to focus on my health, all of the time. I must be vigilant about my own healing. After the heavy focus on salads and green drinks, I've decided to keep it going.

I made some buffalo tofu wings for my husband yesterday, from a book I will review soon, and they were FANTASTIC. Off-the-chain good. Stand-up-and-shout good. Problem was that I woke up feeling embalmed this morning. That's not a feeling I want to feel again.

I have a lot of raw food books, even more now that I have so many to review. I realized that I love raw food. I love to experiment and try new things. I want to keep my personal focus on raw for my healing because I know the food can do just that. Over the next year, I want to focus on green foods, smoothies, juice, soups, and even desserts (green or not). I've been feeling that call since I taught my raw food class this past Spring. I won't ignore the call any longer.

I've already started. Today, I had:
peach/plum/banana/cucumber/kale/romaine/water smoothie
carrot tuna
collard salad
kale salad


Up next: a contest!


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