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Interview with Terilynn Epperson

I've been a fan of Terilynn Epperson and her blog, The Daily Raw Cafe, for years. She absolutely "let's her love of raw food" shine through. Reading about another mother's life with raw food always inspires me. I've gotten to know Terilynn recently and she is a loving, energetic, passionate, creative spirit.

The Daily Raw Cafe is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a kick-butt Cyber Celebration May 27 and 28. From the site: "on May 27, starting at 9:32 a.m. until 9:32 p.m (EST). I will post a giveaway every 30 minutes! That is 24 giveaways in one day." Rules and guidelines are here:

Terilynn Epperson

You have an awesome blog. Why did you start The Daily Raw Cafe?
Thank you, I think it’s pretty awesome too, it’s such a great outlet for me. And I love my readers, they are all rawstars. I started the Daily Raw Café to document my very first juice feast in May 2007. It lasted 27 days.

How has your blog evolved over the years?
After my first juice feast ended, I didn’t want to abandon raw foods or blogging so I naturally gravitate to creating original raw recipes. DRC has always reflected my interests in raw foods at any given time, which a blog should. I know raw foods is the way to go for me but I didn’t want to seem preachy about others embracing the lifestyle. I have always tried to keep it light when it comes to DRC, provide great and interesting recipes or information and let others decide if the raw lifestyle is for them.

I feel I have a bit of responsibility to what I write about. There was a time when I was a bit self-destructive and it wasn’t appropriate to share that sort of energy at the DRC, so I left DRC for awhile. Once I got my head on straight (through a third juice feast), everything was back on track and I feel that I am better for it and so is Daily Raw Café.

Terilynn and her husband, Man on the Raw

I believe your husband went raw first. How did you get started with raw food?
Actually, my husband, Man on the Raw, and I went raw at the same time. It was a Valentine’s gift we gave each other in 2004. We wanted to be on the same eating program, so we went to Barnes and Nobel to search out diets we both could agree on.I had known about raw foods for awhile and it sounded intriguing but I didn’t want to do it alone. I found a David Wolfe book and brought it to Man on the Raw, and he seemed really interested in pursuing it. That was the start of our raw journey together.

How old are your children? What's their opinion of raw food?
I have been blessed with three daughters, Jordan, 19, Donavan, 10 and Avery, 3 and one son Bishop 5. I also have two step-children Ashley, 23 and Kevin, 16. Jordan and Bishop won’t try anything but raw desserts. Jordan is allergic to nuts so it can be tricky sometimes serving her, especially since she hates vegetables but she will drink a green smoothie. Kevin, Donavan and Avery will try everything if asked, from salads, to dehydrated foods to nut pates and they aren‘t afraid to share their opinions. Avery loves greens and Bishop sits in the garden and munches on mint.

Is their diet a mix of cooked and raw food?
Their diet is more cooked than raw. I provide them with raw options (smoothies, salads) but I don’t push them to eat it all. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I wish we could be an all-raw family but I haven’t found that path yet.
Terilynn and her children
How has raw food changed you?
Raw foods and particularly juicing has given me focus and clarity in the direction I want my life to lead. No matter what sort of situations I would like to see happen in my life, raw foods have provided me with a internal road map. I don’t feel weighted down with cooked, processed foods and

What was your 92-day juice fast like?
My first juice feast was brief but necessary to prepare me for my second feast, which was like heaven with bits of hell mixed in. A very emotional roller coaster ride. By the time I did my third juice feast, it was like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile and was so glad to reconnect.
What is your best advice for people interested in the raw food lifestyle?
Try it before you pass judgment. I encounter a lot of people who say they couldn’t eat that way and I ask why and they really don’t have a valid answer as to why they can‘t incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into their life. I know it’s not easy at times, it can be down-right hard in so many levels, emotional, physical, psychological. But we are worth it, we are suppose to be healthy and vibrant and alive. We tend to cut ourselves short out of habit, never giving ourselves a fair shot. Start cold turkey, start 80-10-10, start with one raw meal-a-day, just start.

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Candice Davis said...

Thanks for the interview. It's always interesting to hear about someone else's raw journey, and I'm a fan of Terilynn and her great blog!

bitt of raw said...

Love the daily raw cafe! I didn't know about Terrilyn's juice feast. I'll have to go back and read about it.


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