Friday, December 31, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #14

Alisa Angelic
age 46
As a child I ate mostly anything my mom, aunt, grandmother prepared. My mom was a single parent trying to raise 5 kids so food was scarce in our household. Sunday’s were like Christmas for us because the whole family got together at my aunt’s house for huge Sunday dinners. Some of the foods served at these dinners were:
Macaroni & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy
Fried Chicken
Candied Yams
Corn Pudding
Cornbread w/Butter
Oyster Casserole w/Cheese
German Chocolate Cake
Peach Cobbler
Lemonade / Iced Tea (Loaded with Sugar)

I literally ate this way until I was about 30 years old, at which time I began to pay attention to what I put into my body and began to read labels on the products I bought. However, I was still unaware that the toxins in the foods I consumed were slowly killing me.

At the age of 40 I decided I wanted to enter fitness competitions and adapted to the standard “bodybuilding diet” which consisted of…..

Broiled Chicken Breast
Brown Rice
Salads w/Apple Cider Vinegar
Tuna w/Lemon Juice squeezed on it
Egg Whites (dozens of them)
Steak (once a week)
Lots of Water w/Squeezed Lemon
Protein Shakes / Drinks
Bodybuilding Supplements (lots of them)

I continued to eat this way for the next 3 years, incorporating a routine weight training and cardio regimen. It seemed that no matter how strict my diet was or how hard I worked out I just couldn’t seem to get my body lean, decrease my body fat and didn’t understand why. I began to get bored of it and started eating the junk I grew up on.

It wasn’t until I met Marcus Patrick in February 2008, that my life began to change in a major way. At first my interest in him was purely sexual; I was focused on “having” him for myself no matter what I had to do. Two months after meeting him at a friend’s bachelorette party, I connected with him again. My mind was still focused strictly on the sexual physicality of Marcus. I found him hot, sexy, beautiful, and intelligent. I had to find some way to get close to him; I had to have this man! My wheels started turning.

I found a way….. April 2008 I employed him as my Personal Trainer! I didn’t realize it at the time, but my life was about to change tremendously. I was literally on my way to becoming immortal. Immediately, he began talking to me about Wheat Grass. I thought to myself, “What the heck? I’m not interested in Wheat Grass. I want this man!” He was about to take me into what I considered another dimension.

As my Trainer, Teacher and Life Coach, Marcus was focused 100% on ascending me higher in frequency and vibration through Spirit, Mind, Body, Diet, Physical Endurance, and Training. He began to fill me with his wisdom / knowledge on foods and the effects it has on the body physically, mentally, spiritually. When I gave him the run down on what my eating habits were, he immediately told me I had to go 100% Vegan to get the results I wanted. With no questions asked, I did just that – not even knowing what a Vegan was. He started taking me to various Vegan restaurants and introducing me to a variety of Vegan foods, he assisted me with my grocery shopping, teaching me every aspect on Veganism. Four months later he introduced me to the RAW Vegan Lifestyle which I immediately adapted to 100%.

Today my diet consists of only RAW, Living, Organic Produce, Nuts and Seeds. I’ve never felt better. I have crazy amounts of energy, I don’t fall ill to colds, flu or any other illnesses I used to. My skin is glowing, I’ve even began to reverse age myself! I’ve recently deleted ALL sugar from my diet having only grapefruit as my “sweet treat.” I’ve also been applying crushed papaya seeds all over my face and body as a chemical peel from Mother Nature. Only difference is that it’s not chemical based, it’s all enzymes.

With nurturing my body on RAW, Living, Organic, Pure Foods and Super Foods it was only natural that my awareness and consciousness levels started to take on a curiosity regarding not only the nutritional aspect of this lifestyle, but also the spiritual, emotional, truthful part of it all. With this thirst for truth and knowledge, I began a journey with Marcus with travels to Egypt, Israel, and Greece in search of enlightenment, truth and more consciousness.

During my life transformation coaching and assisting under Marcus, I’ve literally seen and felt my Body, Mind and Spirit transform and upgrade into a much better Being. My Passion and Desire is to pass on these gifts to others so with my Life Coach Certification and knowledge that has been instilled in me, I’m actively looking for other Beings who wish to share these same results by offering Donation Coaching. If there’s anyone out there who has the desire to change their life like I did, contact me ( and we’ll make it happen together.

In closing I’d like to share this with your readers…..

We are children and reflections of God. It’s pretty clear that we were created by God and the Universe as magnificent organisms that have short sold ourselves to fast-food and pharmaceutical medicines. We must respect and nurture our temples as our Father in Heaven nurtures us. We’ve been given all the tools / food / nutrients necessary to achieve optimal health and well-being. Why fill our temples with death and disease? Let’s focus on Positivity, Light, and Ascension.

Love and Light, Namaste……

-Note: Alisa's daughters are 30, 27, and 15 years old!
-Watch this great video, called We Are The World, in which Marcus shows off Alisa's glowing beauty :



Kissie said...

I read the stories of the healthy vegans on a regular and am hoping to be one worthy of showcasing one day. That's down the road. But this is my first time (I recall) commenting because I am moved by the sincerity and testimony.

Thank you for sharing, this is great!

Althea said...

Thanks so much Kissie! I appreciate your comments. I look forward to your story.


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