Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Gratitudes

The universal symbol of gratitude.

Thank you Rom, for holdin' it down.

Thank you Raymond and Jona, for teaching me everyday how to be a better person and mother.

Thank you to my mom, stepfather, grandmother, and two of my brothers, John and Chad, for being enthusiastically supportive of all my endeavors.

Thank you Amaadi for being a friend (that's her youngest son in the photo).

Thank you Shanna for the ice cream maker. (That's Dr. Renee Parks on the left, and Shanna on the right.)

Thank you Arphelia for being so encouraging.

Thank you Charli for sharing your intentions with me every morning.

Thank you Monica U., Sara C., Marcy C., and Suzanne D. for being my most enthusiastic commenters. They always send me the greatest emails.

Thank you Jennifer E. for being my very first vegan coaching client.
Thank you Tyrah, for telling me two years ago, "I see you doing vegan coaching."

Thank you to people in the following countries who took time to read (I mean really read) my blog: Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Finland, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

And speaking of the USA, thank you lovely California people for reading my blog the most in 2010. Los Angeles and Oakland get a shout out for most visits.

Thank you Lori, Sue, Ellen, Kyle, Eleanor, Amaadi, David, Laura, and Michele for being the crew of my Oprah Winfrey Network audition. That valuable experience set the stage for my intended TV career.

Thank you Mystickal Voyage for four glorious, loving, wonderful, magical, amazing, beautiful years. Lori, you are like a mother to me. Those of us who are in your corner love you forever.

Thank you Tony Pann for being the man with the plan.

Thank you Southern DC Mocha Moms, Dr. Daun Sigafoose, D.C., and Eric Smith (acupuncturist) for healing me after my car accident.
Thank you Leah, Nwenna, Terilynn, and Queen Afua for your interviews.

Thank you Marcus and Alisa for your awesome coaching.

Thank you to the fourteen "healthy vegans" who graciously shared their stories (#14 is on Dec. 31st)!

Thank you to Raw Food Rehab for the 11-week Resolve to Evolve program that starts on January 1st.

And thank you ALL for reading each and every post!

What are you all grateful for this year? It might not have been as bad as you think. Take the time...I mean REALLY take the time to sit in silence and think about all the human angels in your life in 2010. You'll be smiling by the time you are done :-).



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Pat said...

I'm grateful that you write this blog and give me someone to identify with in the Raw food community and life in general.


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