Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Intentions

These are my food-related intentions:

- enjoy the raw vegan lifestyle with robust enthusiasm. To feel gratitude toward it for improving my memory, clearing my skin, and increasing my energy.

(not my kids, but cute!)
- get my whole family involved, not just me, in the raw food lifestyle. (Raymond said two things that bugged me. First he said that food comes from factories. Then today he wouldn't finish my homemade salsa because it wasn't real (i.e., the bottled salsa he's used to). I said, I know what your spring field trips are going to be: all the local farms in our county. I'm going to have Raymond and his brother pulling kale out of the ground!)

- complete the 11-week Raw Food Rehab Resolve to Evolve program.
(How to you spell raw food success? S-U-P-P-O-R-T)

- review 2 restaurants in Maryland this year.

- to read Earthmother in the Raw's blog from cover to cover. I discovered her blog two months after she stopped blogging. She is gracious enough to leave her blog up for people to read. The sentence that struck me (and now I can't find it), but it was something to the effect of, "wanting to live in alignment with her deepest values." Sounds like me :-) I'm feeling Earthmother on many levels. Thank you!

- eat at 105 Degrees Restaurant. Even better, to take a class. Even even better: complete the Living Foods Fundamental Cuisine program.

- attend at least 2 raw food meetups in my area. They always look like so much fun.

- blog through my favorite raw food book EVER. I know I've done this before and never stuck with it. The book I'm referring to intimidated the hell out of me forever. I thought I'd "work my way up to it." But that doesn't make a hoot of sense. "Robust enthusiasm" right? One of the co-authors has already said yes.

- complete virtual raw chef training with Carolyn Akens (aka!)

These are different than resolutions. Intention is the guiding force of your life. If you create your life on purpose and with purpose, realizing that your thoughts and actions create your world, you'll live more in alignment with your values.




bitt said...

I love these ideas!

Love Earthmother too. Sorry she left blogging but I know she's around reading here and there. She's awesome.

I am curious what book you want to blog through. I like the idea of blogging through a book. I might have to copy you. With a different book of course.

Happy New year!

Earth Mother said...

LOVE your intentions, Althea. My entire journey into the land of raw and living foods began with an intention to change my relationship with food.

Thank you for sharing the link love. I look forward to bumping elbows with you in the 'Hab (aka Raw Food Rehab). Terrific community to find support + inspiration.

Many Blessings to you in the New Year!



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