Monday, December 6, 2010

Mocha Angel Chocolate Chip Cookies are HERE!

Presenting my foray into the food business: The Mocha Angel Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are vegan, and they are SPECTACULAR. This is an original recipe, all mine, and is an ancient Chinese secret. They are not gluten-free (haven't mastered that one yet). But they are vegan, kid-tested, mother-approved, ooey, gooey, chewy, and amazing. Easily the best cookies you ever had. Everywhere I take these, people are like, "Vegan? Are you kidding me? No way something this good could be 'healthy.'"
Yes, they are vegan. For real. But they are not crunchy, cardboardy, bland cookies. If my cookies were a website, the url would be: (that's not a real url, don't click on it!!!)

Try them, try them. you will see, how tasty vegan cookies can be! I've started with these cooked vegan cookies because I've been making them for years. They are a "transition dessert" for those moving from SAD to vegan to raw.

In all seriousness, I've thought long and hard about where I want to go with my career. My intention is to be a master raw vegan savory and pastry chef. Mocha Angels is a healing and food business. I want to merge my passions and loves into one business. My blog was the start, even though I didn't know it at the time. Selling my cookies is the next move. Adding a Mocha Angel message at the end of every post is yet another step. Things are evolving organically. And I thank you all for coming along for this ride.

The cookies are $12 per dozen. You can buy them here. A PayPal button is on the right hand side of the blog.


Mocha Angel message for 12/6/10: Rather than impose your truth on to someone else, the question is, "Are you living your Highest Truth?" When you do, you cease to worry about how others are living. Your internal compass becomes peaceful, loving, and compassionate.



bitt said...

I am going to give you a bit of unsolicited advice, only because I like you and want you to do well. Can you get a clearer picture of your cookies? I think it would really help.

Wishing you so much luck with your new endeavor!

Althea said...

Yes, me and the camera have a love/hate relationship. I will be taking more photos until I get the perfect shot. No offense taken b/c I know where your heart is. You've been a big supporter of my blog, and I truly appreciate you.



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