Monday, September 28, 2015

Kripalu and Mr. Notes from the Universe!

My boys with their workshop teachers.

A bucket list item achieved: to bring my boys to Kripalu Yoga & Retreat Center and have them experience the same joy I feel when I am there.


I registered them for a workshop called Deep Play for Kids, a mindfulness and yoga class for children led by Missy Brown. It was about fifteen children in the workshop. They did some of the following:

  • created an obstacle course outside
  • walked the labyrinth outside
  • created journals
  • practiced yoga asanas and pranayama
  • played mindfulness games
  • experienced sensory games as well.

Jona on Day 2

They had the best time. And as a mom, I felt completely comfortable leaving them in the workshop over the weekend, while I did my thing. 

Missy's website is here:

The boys with workshop leader and creator Missy Brown

And what did I do over the weekend? Glad you asked! I signed up for Relax and Renew, which means I could do whatever I wanted! But let's get to the superduperestcoolest part of the trip. I got to meet, live and in person, Mike Dooley, aka Mr. Notes from the Universe!!! If you don't know who he is, go to and sign up for your daily Notes from the Universe. If you do know who he is, then you know how ultracool I was feeling at that moment.

Despite a long line at his booksigning, this man took the time to not only sign my copy of Leveraging the Universe, but talked to me about my future. In short, he gave me publishing advice and told me I'm destined for the same course he took as a channeler, author, and lecturer. I really appreciated his time, generosity, and energy.

I also enjoyed alone time at Kripalu Beach, which is a mile from the main campus. I should have kayaked too. I will do that next time.

I watched a teacher training class enjoy partner yoga. I have no idea who these people are, I just thought the partner yoga was cool.

 Of course, there was the food. Always off the hook. There's such a variety and selection for everyone. Even superpicky Jona found food to each. And he liked he could make his own panini.

This is the view I woke up to every morning. This place is so beautiful. I love the no phone, no radio, no tv, no internet policy. You can decompress, get away from your stressors, relax, and simply be.
As always, I encourage everyone to go to Kripalu at least once in your lifetime.

A. ◦


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