Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Extreme Greens for Healing

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and positive energies. Everything is all good now, and I'm focused, again, on my healing. My immune system has taken a beating, so I've been consuming mostly greens. Anything green is healing for the body/mind. My friend Wanda Jones was kind enough to bring me lots of salads and food from The Glut and Quest for Fresh here in Maryland.

The salads are a mix of greens like kale, collard, Swiss chard, romaine, seaweed, red lettuce, and sprouted quinoa. I had never thought to put all of those greens together in the same salad. Guess I need to live a little!

The juices are:
2 plums/1 apple/collard
2 apples/collard/lemon
2 peaches/1 banana/collard/kale/romaine
and they all taste great!
I am so happy and grateful for all of you who read it on a regular basis. I have some wonderful book reviews, guest bloggers, and some exciting things coming to my blog. You all won't want to miss what's coming!


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Zenith Rising said...

Hi Althea, It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family. I'm glad to hear your greening it up. Continue to share. Love Wanda


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