Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventures in Autism and Bowel Movements

Dr. Angela Santenello and Jona

Jona went to Kennedy Krieger's Center for Autism Research and Development on September 23rd. He got their testing, "the gold standard" as everyone tells me. His behavior and speech was consistent with Autism. I've got three official opinions now. I think I'm done testing him. :-) I decided to reschedule Raymond's test with them. He'll be going in November.

Update on Jona's behavior: He has been doing really well in this department. He understands and respects the word, "No." There have been no public temper tantrums. He can be rigid. He wanted me to bring him his "The Rock" toy. When I wouldn't do it, he stayed upstairs for an hour waiting for me to cave. That's okay. He is learning to get his own toys, his own water out of the fridge, and not expecting us to do everything for him. Yea!

Jona and Raymond

So Rom says I'm obsessed with Raymond's bowel movements. I am not! I think he has leaky gut. I've been reading a host of articles about it. Because he's been constipated for so many years, I am very focused on this.

Here are some of the best articles I found:

Since my last post about Raymond's constipation, here's how he's been having his BMs since September 17:
1 day BM (September 17)
2 days no BM
9 days BM
1 day no BM
1 day BM
2 days no BM
6 days BM *
1 day no BM
1 day BM (Oct 10)

* On October 3rd, I twisted his meridian large intestine alarm points b/c it had been two days. He went that day. On October 4th, he had three bowel movements. Raymond has never in his eight years had 3 BMs in one day. I had added coconut oil to his green smoothies. Coconut oil has essential fatty acids, and I had some in the house, so I added a tablespoon to his smoothies. That, combined with the meridian work, must have done the trick.

We have also been doing the brain balance program, and energy work. The two things I have noticed is that Raymond's reading is a bit better, and he is physically stronger. The healing work continues!

Althea ◦


Dee said...

I'm not sure this will help. But there is a diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which addresses the link between autism and a leaky gut.

The book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall ( )speaks about the cycle of how certain foods can damage the intestinal lining and make it prime ground for "bad bacteria".

Only thing is its not a completely vegan diet, and I know that you are. Yogurt is often used in the diet to reintroduce the "good" bacteria back into the gut

(I think there's a coconut milk yogurt recipe can be found in the Primal Blueprint Diet ( )

Um, according to the SCD, it's the sugar overload in the gut which damages the intestinal lining and causes and overgrowth of bad bacteria. The toxins from this bacteria damage the intestinal lining, and leak into the body. These toxins also affect the brain's chemistry (affecting behavior, etc;). According to the diet's theory, being grain free/casein free isn't enough -- it's important to get off all things that can be converted into sugar inside the body (like sugar, soy, starches, yeast, etc; found in most processed goods).

It's not an easy diet to follow. I was on the diet, but fell off after a trip up north to see someone. But, I did notice a change, and plan to get back on the wagon.

This is just for information. I think there are vegan alternatives to the diet...but not sure. You can check all of these books out at your local library to study.

Take care. God bless you and your sons, and I hope this helps.

There's a group called PecanBread

Dee said...

er.. the Pecan Bread Group is for families following the SCD diet, who have autistic children.

Dee said...

SCD Science in Comic Book Form.

Okay, this is the last comment! I promise!

Patrick Robinson said...

Leaky Gut Syndrome is caused by different factors, which can be ibuprofen, stress or other NSAIDs. To heal Leaky gut stop smoking, Stop taking pain killers, stop taking high fat foods etc.


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