Friday, October 1, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan? #8

Dana Smith

As the daughter of a chef who specialized in Southern comfort foods and a mother raised in Goose Creek, South Carolina Dana was no stranger to good eating.  She started cooking at 8 years of age and enjoyed experimenting with different recipes.  Poultry or fish took center stage at every meal and she was often praised for the wonders she could do with chicken.

In 2002 Dana gave birth to her daughter and due to the challenges of being a new mom and working a demanding job she sought a way through manage stress with practicing yoga.  Amazed at how wonderful it made her feel she decided to get certified as a teacher just a year later. 

As her practice deepened she realized the foods that she was eating wasn’t supporting her journey and knew that a total dietary upheaval was necessary.  She wanted to practice Ahimsa (non-violence, non-harming) both on and off the mat.  She slowly began to eliminate meat, poultry and fish from her diet and finally became a 100% vegetarian.

After 5 years of eating strictly vegetarian a friend introduced her to the world of veganism.  Initially skeptical that she could let go of her fondness of dairy and eggs she fought the natural transition to eating even more compassionately for 6 months.  

With research and the support of other vegan friends Dana made the leap and has been enjoying a 100% vegan lifestyle for over 3 years now.  Recently she incorporated 30% raw foods into her diet and has experienced a new level of health and mental clarity.

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