Friday, January 16, 2009

Win this Juicer!

FREE Juicer Giveaway

The Raw Mocha Angel is holding a contest for a FREE Healthy Juicer from Lexen Products. The Lexen Healthy Juicer is an amazing easy and effective wheatgrass and leafy green juicer, making it the most popular on the market. will be supplying the juicer at no cost to the lucky winner. More detailed information about the juicer can be found here - Healthy Juicer.

Here are the guidelines for the contest:

-You have between today, January 16 and midnight, January 30, 2009 to answer the following question: "how would this juicer benefit you and what would you do with it?"

-Post your answer in the "comments" section.

-You must live in the United States to win.

That's it! I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

Good luck!



Rob said...

I have been a vegan since last spring but have not been juicing-I've been losing some weight,I currently weigh about 397, so I need to lose a lot more,a juicer would help(I've not found any in the thrift marts).
Anyways,love the blog,you've been giving me lots of great ideas!

Fiber said...

I've been wanting to start juicing my own wheatgrass since I've been buying very expensive shots at the juice bar at our local fresh market. There are trays of fresh wheatgrass available around me, but I've never been able to use it.
I'd also like to get into juicing more and this juicer would be perfect. I'm currently planning on starting a detox shortly, and this juicer would make it super easy to make plenty of fresh juices!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Стефани said...

So I'm a student and a raw newb and I LOVE the vitalizing effects that eating raw has on my body and my spirit.
I was reading my Biology textbook, which states that one theory regarding the rise of life on earth involves "the primordial soup", which is the primordial sea full of gasses and molecules all bubbling and frothing together to give rise to organic whirligigs and eventually, little one-celled beasties. When I look into the mush of green juice, made from wonderful green growing things, I would think, "that's my primordial soup. It will give rise to greater life in me."
I would embrace that fabulous juicer and bring life to me and to others (who can resist sharing the love?). :)

SherriK said...

Hi Althea! I had cancer and don't want to go through that grueling, treacherous experience ever again! I've been passionate about the healing affects of food since I was 15 when I became a vegetarian. Now at 48, I am still learning and growing. I became vegan 2 years ago and am learning about the wonderful benefits of living raw foods. I am in the process of detoxing and eating as clean as possible. I only want pure, clean, healing foods in this glorious body of mine! Daily wheatgrass shots and green juicing would be the ultimate feast for healing and cleansing! I am also teaching other cancer survivors the way of healing through diet, so the juicer would be a dynamic tool to share my mission. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

BrownOctober said...

Wow, this would be a godsend! My father has been in the hospital for 3 months. He's got a feeding tube to his lower intestine. He can have only liquids, and right now the hospital is providing only dead canned corn syrup laden liquids to him. I'd love to have this juicer to provide life-giving juices to regain his health, and for my whole family!!
Thanks for putting such a great opportunity out there!!
Be well,
Brett Brown

earthmother said...

Mmmm, I LOVE green juice (an acquired taste, I know). There is nothing more loaded with enzymes than fresh "plant blood." I try to get in at least a quart of green juice each morning.

The Healthy Juicer would be wonderful to have because it extracts every last bit of juice from the greens – something my juicer is not capable of, so I end up with a lot of waste. It's also portable, easy to use and EASY TO CLEAN. Who could ask for more?

With Purpose said...

I love your blog btw!

I would love to have one of these juicers. I have been researching the benefits of wheatgrass and also trying to find a good juicer for wheatgrass. I am making the transition to a majority raw foods diet and it would be nice to have a way to get a nice bit of needed nutrients from freshly juice wheatgrass compared to what is served at the health food store or in the freezer section. I am also about to begin the Sacred Woman cleansing by Queen Afua. Part of the recommendations are to take wheatgrass shots. This would be a great addition to my daily regimen!

WriteLiz said...


I don't have a juicer so I'd love to have one to make wheatgrass juice. I worked in the sprouthouse at the tree of life for a month and made it everyday for people. I believe wheatgrass can cure cancer and would like to give it to people as part of a raw delivery service in the future. I have lost 100lbs also in the past year going raw and would like help people remineralize to release weight.

Jasmine said...


This juicer would allow me to juice my own wheatgrass in the mornings before work and after I get home. Weh-hew! No more $2.95 Robeks stops (juice bar on the way to work).

I would benefit by reaping (and sharing) the health benefits of wheatgrass juice and saving money in the process.


HealingHarmonyA said...

Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor. I am now vegetarian/vegan, and recently made the move to raw (though it's still feeling a bit challenging!) I know my body wants it. I know I don't want to go through all the treatments again, it was so hard on me. The juicer I was given doesn't do wheatgrass, and I can't afford at this time to buy wheatgrass shots, etc.

I will be helping others as well, as I am stepping back to work as an intuitive holistic healing coach and creative artist - getting the word on health and soul *out there*! I plan to teach more on what we wish to avoid to keep our health and sensitivity open/strong, be a resource (people say I'm an inspiration or their hero, while I still sometimes wonder why, clearly God wants me to get *out there* with helping others!)

I was diagnosed at age 40, my partner left right after treatments ended, and I've been diving ever more every day to opening to new ways of being.

I sense more juicing is a next step, and I know my body says GREENS! They said 50% dead in 5 years with the high staging I had been given.

It's been about 3 years or more since diagnosis - I've shifted so much since then, spiritually, energetically, nutritionally, emotionally, in creativity ... help me prove them wrong!! ;) Thanks for this blessing and opportunity, Sincerely - Aileen Sabira

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! As someone who is looking forward to doing a juice fast and adding beneficial, healthy juices to my daily menu, this juicer would benefit me greatly! I look forward to a juicer that will deliver quality and this one would do just that for me! My body needs/craves it! I would make some wonderful detox juices along w/delicious, everyday juices!

Grey said...

Hi Althea!

I just found your site today looking for smoothie and juice info; I am a bartender, and therefore most of the time it's way too convenient for me to just grab fairly toxic bar food. My immune system is a nightmare, and I'm skinny-fat, so I'm trying to spend a bit more time in fresh air and clean up my diet. I've been trying to save up for a sprouter, but a juicer would be a huge help, as I could take my own into work and leave the burgers and curly fries alone:]

Great site, the harmony spinach recipe looks amazing! For the chocolate issue, try the same recipe, but put it in a dehydrator - it turns out great! It's also good with a little cayenne pepper...


Debra said...

I am 100 lbs overweight and pregnant with my 7th child. I had last 35lbs before getting pregnant and I walk 5 miles a day. But I could sure use some some green juice in my life- and for my family. My husband was in a quadrunner accident Thanksgiving and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. blood in his lungs, surgery and a nasty infection. I know wheat grass juice would be benificial for him and for me too..

myrawlife said...

First off, thank you for having this contest, and giving all of us an opportuntiy to win this juicer.

I've been enjoying and benefiting from a raw food diet and lifestyle since August 17, 2007, and since then I have lost over 30 pounds, as well as practically healed myself from chronic back pain and IBS. I have not had to take pain pills, or any stomach remedies both prescribed or over the counter in over 12 months - that's amazing for me!

Although I have been grateful to be able to enjoy this new way of eating, and have a inexpensive, but good sturdy blender that I use for my smoothies and juicing, it would make it so much easier for me to juice and benefit from having more live juices if I could own a good juicer like the one that you are offering.

I would have an opportunity to drink wheat grass - which I have not been able to do, as well as drink more dark leafy greens - which I currently drink as smoohies or eat in salads on a regular basis.

Either way, I love your blog and the information you share with us! And, I truly do appreciate the opportunity of this juicer offering!

Peace! :)

- Debbie

mamat2u said...

Dear Althea,

How would this juicer benefit me and how would I use it? Well let me start by saying October 28, 2008 my mom had brain surgery diagnosed with Geoblastoma Multiforme, the worst possible type of brain cancer. Previously I had been moved by God several times to start a Raw Diet but had let it go, now my 3rd prompting and so I got on line and ordered a book. It came the day I was leaving for my 1330 mile road trip to be with my Mom. The book starts by telling how the author's mother was going thru Chemo, as I sat in the waiting room of Johns Hopkins for my own mother to finish her treatment. I thought How coincidental, nevertheless I began a raw diet right then and there. My father died at 36 from Leukemia, as did my sister at 36 from Diabetes, my brother has had prostate cancer, now my mother is dying with only months to live. I am 45 years old with 5 children, I don't want to die before my time, certainly NOT to cancer. So I am convicted to change my health and my husband of 27 years has been a huge support and eats raw right along with me. However our finances have not allowed us to even think of purchasing a juicer. I have made 3 trips to be with my mother in the last 60 days. That has taken a huge toll on our finances, and now this being her last week of Chemo she would like to fly out to be with us for a week and I promised her I would make it work, (financially) but it has kept us on a VERY tight budget. We have been eating raw and have yet to be able to juice I would love very much to add that to our diet as we are hoping to do a detox ASAP. How I would use it, quite often! We are here in middle America no juice bars! So if we want juicing it has to be done in our home. Thank you so much for your consideration! God Bless you for even offering this to any of us!


Victory said...

Hi Althea,

Thanks for the contest. I am embarking on a healthier lifestyle, and have been researching and reading everything I can find on raw foods, juicing and detoxing, which is how I found your blog a while ago. Your blog has made the raw lifestyle seem less daunting and I am anxious to try the juicing recipes on your blog and others I have found. I will use the juicer to reclaim my health, having taken medications for high cholesterol and high blood pressure for the past two years and being significantly overweight. With a family history of diabetes (and resulting problems) I am determined to commit to a healthy lifestyle, including juicing and raw foods and winning the juicer would be such a blessing. Thanks! Victory

Paulina said...

Hello! I know this juicer would benefit me greatly because I need to seriously up the amount of greens in my diet. I believe the best way to do is is by juicing them!

rawpomona said...

Hi Althea:
Thanks for the opportunity to enter! I developed gestational diabetes when pregnant with my daughter four years ago, then was diagnosed with pre-diabetes when she was a year old. I'm determined to defy the doctors that tell me diabetes is inevitable by adopting a raw vegan lifestyle. I've been at it almost a month now and have lost almost 10 lbs. My blood sugar tested within normal range too! I'd love a wheatgrass juicer -- I'm making do with a 20 year old vitamix and know there's power in those greens I'm not fully accessing. Yours in vibrant health, Sandra

Gary said...

Greetings Althea,
First, I would like to show my gratitude by thanking you for such a generous offer and being a light for natural living. Asante' Sana!
My daughter and I will benefit sooo.. much from a greens juicer. I've been Vegan for about 20 years and have taught (and continue to learn and teach) my daughter the importance of living naturally. I've always wanted to purchase a greens juicer but, I'm on a tight budget at the moment. As my daughter is headed to college in the fall 09', she is having a bout with acne. She wants desperately to clear it up. My first suggestion to her,"drink more water." A couple of weeks ago, she had her first taste of wheatgrass. She took it better than I thought. Once she read the benefits, she's ready to accomplish her goal of clearing up the acne. The key is consistency. The juicer makes it easier, for her and me, because we can juice from the comfort of home. In the event one of us has a healing crisis, the living room is next to the kitchen. She and I are on this journey together and with the juicer, encouragement, and assistance, we won't have to go out for shots of wheatgrass. Sista, brotherman is on a budget! :o) Peace. Thanks again! Gary

Anonymous said...

I thing it good product of juicers .soon it will reach the market….
Give more information about ur juicers uses...

art diva said...

I would use it every day to make fresh juices to improve my health and replace the old semi-broken juicer I have been using because I have not had the money to replace it.


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