Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons from a Car Accident

Hi Everyone:

I'm keeping this post short, just to let ya'll know I am still alive and doing better. My injuries were a concussion and whiplash. The past two weeks have been very intense physically, because of the pain, and intense emotionally, because of lessons learned.

1. I learned that I wanted everyone to like me. I have dropped that need. It's a long story, but it only took twenty years to recognize and resolve a clear pattern of my trying to fit in with women who are not in alignment with my values.

2. I found out who my friends are...and I am happy to say there are a lot of you all!

3. I do manifest my desires via words and thoughts. I wanted some time off from doing readings; have the income to do so; lose weight, and start my sons' blog. Because of the accident, I've done all of those things. I never expected that getting rear-ended would make all of those things possible. Watch what you say, think, and desire, because you will get it, just not necessarily how you expect.

4. It was time to start a separate blog for my boys; is the domain name. It's been on tap for a year and half. For the same reasons I started The Raw Mocha Angel, I believe people of color have got to speak up about their alternative healing. The disparity in health/education/everything else for Colored Folk (is it okay to say that?) versus White Folk is ridiculous. You all know I'm going to tell the truth.

(Stepping on soapbox now. I think my concussion has made me a little more forthright.) It's the damn twenty-first century. We have a Black man of mixed-race heritage, as he calls himself, as president. Facebook and Twitter have us reconnecting with our elementary school buddies and ex-boyfriends and girlfriends we haven't spoken to in decades. Technology is moving at lightning speed.

But the discussion around health care (The whole health care debate? I see faulty logic on both sides) and education seem stuck in 1984. My sons Raymond and Jona both have language/speech/learning delays. We, meaning Colored Folk, have got to think outside the current medical and educational model to help our children.

I finally got past the difficulty of writing about my boys. For any parent who has a child who speaks, thinks, and learns differently than the accepted norm, we have to speak up and share what therapies work and don't work for our children.

So check it out and let me know what you all think over at the Healing My Sons blog. I will be back blogging about raw food soon. I have four posts in my backlogged arsenal.



那ㄟ安呢 said...


john..... said...

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Yogi said...

All is prayers are with you, sending you mega peace,light n luv.

Angelique said...

Go Althea Go!
Glad to hear you are healing and full of spunk!

Liesel Basil said...

It's indeed unexpected circumstances like these that make us reflect and realize a lot things - things that we wouldn't usually learn under normal circumstances. You're a strong woman, and you recovered fast, that's for sure. What you needed the most was the support of the people around you, and the discipline to undergo all the necessary procedures under the recovery process.


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