Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raymond's Summer Adventures

Raymond had quite a summer...I brought him on an Herb Walk in early August. We learned about edible and medicinal weeds and plants. I can't say he was into it. He thought it was boring, although the photos say he was somewhat engaged :-). As their mother, I know that everything I do with them plants a seed. I really want Raymond and Jona to have an appreciation and connection with the Earth.

In the above photo, Raymond is holding Black Walnut. He did like throwing them on the ground in order to open them :-).

We met at the Maryland Zoo. Steffanie of Herban Roots and Yuma Bellomee of Yew 360 lead the walk. In the above photo, Raymond is tasting plantain. (Not the Carribean fruit. This is why Steffanie stressed the importance of learning the Latin names of plants to differentiate between things.)

Raymond about to taste garlic-mustard plant.

In this photo is Yuma, Hardcore Vietnam Brother (I can't remember his name, but he did serve in Vietnam, hence the name...and he found Raymond the purple ball in the woods), Raymond, Steffanie (holding Evening Primrose), Marie, and Majidat.

I learned so much on that one walk. The next one is Sunday, September 11 · 10:00am - 12:00pm in Baltimore. If you're interested, email me or leave a comment with your email, and I'll forward you the details. You'll never look at weeds the same way again.


And if you're wondering where Jona is, he prefers to take photos, rather than be in them. He took this photo of Raymond after we made Cantaloupe smoothie.

And here's Raymond helping me make Chocolate Ganache Pie. I do not share bad recipes; only the good stuff. I take my food seriously. Make it tomorrow!

And finally, Raymond spent five weeks at The Highlands School in their Social Skills Camp. I was the happiest camper when he got in, and even happier that he LOVED it! I mean he's ready to go back in September for school. (I'm working on it.) He never missed a day, and always enjoyed himself. He made friends and learned so much. I am forever grateful for this school.

In the above photo, Raymond is with Mr. Fred, the camp director, on the last day.

With Ms. Sarah.

Oh, and here's Jona! I told you he's camera shy now. "Where's the playroom?"

"Oh, there it is!" (But the door was locked.)

Ms. Nancy and Ms. Beth, the admissions director.

And finally, Ms. Melissa, another camp staffer.

I'm so happy Raymond and Jona had a fun summer. Me and Jona hung out playing and enjoying the outdoors too! Mommy learned some things herself. That's for the next post!


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