Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chakra Smoothie & More

I made a Chakra Smoothie this time. The ingredients were pomegranate, orange, lemon, spinach, blueberries, plum, and grapes. In the photo above, Jona is holding the finished result! Below is the fruit in all its glory :-).

I also made a Chocolate Spinach smoothie, based on the recommendation of Dr. Gail Parker, a fellow presenter at the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color.( Her blog is Taking Yoga off Your Mat.)  The recipe is 2C Spinach, 2C unsweetened rice milk (or sweetened if that's all you can find),
 3 bananas, 4T cacao powder, 1t cinnamon.

This makes a super yummy smoothie. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake. I couldn't taste the spinach at all. I think it's a good way to sneak green veggies to your kids, as long as they don't see you making the smoothie :-).

And last, just sharing a photo of Wild Strawberries that grow in my yard. They weren't sweet at all (not ripe?) but they are beautiful.




Viv Nic said...

Question: Why is it called a "Chakra Smoothie"?

Althea said...

Hey Viv: It's because the fruits represent the seven colors of the chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. My next post will be about chakras.


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