Sunday, September 1, 2013

Post-Separation Healing

My husband and I separated on August 3rd. My children and myself moved about 15 miles from where we were, in a lovely neighborhood. We are all doing fine. It was, however, the most single most difficult summer of my life. I don't say the "worst" because Summer 2004 was the worst. This was bad in a different way. The sheer stress of ending a marriage, the fallout, and the actual moving are beyond anything I've experienced....and I've been through some soul-crushing life-events. 

Since January, I've put on 14 pounds. I am now 5 pounds away from my highest pregnancy weight with Jona. I hadn't exercised, and ate my way through the summer. The good news was that I got to see my family, and my kids spent extended time in North Carolina and Georgia with family. My friends also helped me financially simply because I asked for help. I'm starting from very little money-wise, but a lot karma-wise. People have literally put cash in my hand, and said, "Take it, because I know you need it, or "I wish I could do more."  My friends helped me pack. People from my job helped me move. That has been very gratifying. I will be thanking everyone personally.

Not only have I packed on pounds, I'm having hormonal fluctuations again. So the weight loss, balancing my hormones, and womb healing are my focuses. I've come this far with moving out. Now I'm organizing my space, my mind, and my time. I'm off Facebook for at least a month. My friend Charli will be putting up the Mocha Angel messages. Email me at if you want to find me. Stay with me ya'll.



bitt said...

I'm so sorry it's been such a rough time. Hugs to you.

Halona Black said...

Separation is difficult, I have been there. But the hurt does pass and life does go on. I hope you know how many people you have helped. I wish you happy healing! :)

HolisticHealthVegan said...

I am sorry that your marriage ended. I've read your blog for many years now and this is definitely sad news. However, I am glad to see that you have a wonderful support system around you.

Over the years you inspired me with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. I know that you are able to navigate this new chapter in your life with same level of grace and steadfastness that you use to approach the other areas of your life.

I look forward to reading your future posts to see the growth as you strive towards achieving new goals.

I am sending you healing thoughts and virtual hugs. :-)

james atel said...

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