Monday, March 23, 2009

My Raw Food Class Dry Run

from l. to r.: (back row)Tamara, Tahisha, Candice, Wanda (front row) Althea, Carol.
Not pictured: Tara, Titi, and Darrell

I taught a "dry-run" of my first raw food class on Saturday, March 21. I was SOOOOOOOO nervous and anxious, so Tahisha, the hostess and my assistant, suggested I do practice class to calm myself down. I did not sleep at all the night before.

But they LOVED it!! YES! I am so glad I did a practice run before the March 28 class. Tahisha and I saw what we needed to do before the class and how to make it run more smoothly the next time.

from l. to r.: (back row)Tamara, Tahisha, Candice, Wanda (front row) Carol, Tara.

The class loved the food. Here are some testimonies:


It was my pleasure attending your "dry run" for your raw food class. I started out thinking I was not going to like going raw, but you certainly turned me around. The experience really showed me how do-able it is with planning. The food was very tasty, the juice and smoothy were surprising delicious!! I am going to phase in a meal or two to begin my journey.

I really enjoyed yesterday's class. I can't wait to make my juices with lots and lots of greens.

I am positive I will be able to reduce my insulin dosage and manage my Diabetes better eating a raw diet.

Good luck with your future classes.


Hi Althea,

That class was just what I needed. The pull of raw food has been getting stronger and stronger. Thank you for your delectable, quick and easy dishes. They really stimulated my creativity and sense of "I can do this". Most of all thank you for the green drink and the green smoothie. I'd tried them before but with less success, so I really hadn't made them a part of my life. Now I'm inspired to get some spinach and apples tomorrow and to "go to town". Peace and Blessings, Wanda

Whoo Hoo! (And the Rock Star shirt is Tahisha's. A last minute addition to the class. Maybe I'll wear it again next time :-).
See you there. Here's the info again:
The cost has been reduced to $85.00. Everything else is the same!



TwinkieR* said...

Thank you for sharing your experience on your dry run. You have given me encouragement to do my dry run in two weeks. You are awesome! Keep it up!!!

Jen Reed said...

Hi Althea,
I teach raw foods class too. I put everything in little baggies the night before and marked them with what was in them. There were a few things that I didn't add that needed to be chopped fresh. So I had a little sheet in front of me with what was left to add to the recipe and that really helped. So a lot of the prep was done before and only a few things that were chopped right in front of the class. I did it this way since I am such a slow cook..Take Care, Jen

Althea said...

Thanks for your help ladies!

Aimee (bitt) said...

wish i could come! i might move to DC so if so I will come to a future class.


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