Monday, March 30, 2009

My Raw Food Class Rocked the House!

Me and Tahisha before the class

I got through it. Tahisha pulled me down off the cliff many times before we had this class and the run-through last week. I honestly thought about canceling many, many times. I am so thankful I did not. The class went great! Everyone loved the food. And because Tahisha and I did a dry-run on March 21, this class went more smoothly for both of us.

I learned that I need two people as assistants. One person to clean the untensils and appliances and one person to take the food away and bring food for the next dish. We prepped and chopped and labeled food the night before, and that's why this class moved better.

I have even more respect for the stars on Food Network. Talking and making food at the same time is harder than it looks!

The sundried-tomato sushi about to be rolled in a nori roll. Shanna, my friend and class participant who had to leave early, said this on Facebook:"I loved the class!! I was skeptical about the raw sushi, but man . . . it was the BOMB!!!"

The strawberry cheesecake. tastes as good as it looks!

The apple crisp. Sonia was about to take it home. That's why it's in a tupperware bowl.

Are these raw tacos pretty or what?

Sonia, Tahisha, and Amaadi. Happy and full of raw food!

Shanna, the next day.
Here's what folk had to say:

I am sooo glad I was able to be included in this class. Althea created MANY dishes in record time and using very affordable appliances. (Witnessing the effortless and speed the dishes formed before my eyes, truly gave me an idea that I could possible cater my own function) Ha! Fat chance...wake up Carol. The experience was great and the food was YUMMEEE!!! I fluctuate between a 50-95% raw food life.This class helped me to increase the percentage of raw food in my life. The green juice, I've heard so much about and never had the courage to make was incredibly good. 5 minutes or less and you have this satisfying, tasty and healing drink. Also extremely Tasty!...the cheese cake with the strawberry sauce, the tacos, the spinach salad, the.....okay, okay. K.I.S.S. (Keep it short and simple). Me want more Raw cuisine -NOW!

Me want more Raw cuisine-Now campaign!
(She took the class last week!)

Just to follow up on yesterday's wonderful event, I wanted to say thank you for teaching the class. It was so healing.

I had a WONDERFUL time yesterday. Eventhough i think i'm coming down with a cold- it was enjoyable for me. I am in the house all day to day to make sure-i can recover. Please add me to your blog and keep me in the loop for future classes. Thanks again!!!
(Thank you ladies!)
I'm recovering from all this excitement with a Week of Green, as I call it. Everything I consume is green. I still have to give you all the recipes for the strawberry cheesecake and chocolate! I haven't forgotten. That's coming up next! Thank you all for your love and support. Whoo Hoo!


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silverpen said...

I'm glad your class turned out so well. I wish I could have been there.


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