Monday, January 18, 2010

60 Days of Gym Classes

Day 4: The Expresso Experience Bike/Reclining Bike

I raced to the gym and got there about 8:45am. The Cycle class was already full. Kelly felt bad for me. She said, “I know about your sixty day goal. I am so sorry.” She asked me not to leave. And to make sure I worked out in the fitness room. I got on a reclining bicycle, and rode that for 2.11 miles. I didn’t break a sweat. The purpose of this challenge is to sweat everyday, so I chose another machine.

I got on the Expresso Experience Bike. Expresso is an interactive experience. The bike has a monitor attached to it. I can pick my “bike trails” in terms of distance and difficulty. Those trials simulate the real thing. And I get a selection of music too. By the time I heard J.Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud,” I was BUMPIN’! With decent, jammin’ music, I can ride longer. I need to get an IPod. I rode a total of 2 miles.

Day 5: Cardio Dance. Teacher: Kelly K. and Dawn.

Not a great experience. Cardio Dance is a heavily choreographed class. That was the first time Kelly and Dawn taught this routine, and they made a lot of mistakes. A half-hour into the routine, I felt nauseous. I left the class because I thought I would throw up on the floor. The nauseous feeling lasted for two hours. I have no idea what happened there.

I also had trouble keeping my eyes open all day. I was terribly exhausted. I went to bed at 7:30, even though I didn’t fall asleep until 9:30pm.

Day 6: Yoga. Teacher: Me.

The exhaustion continued into Thursday. I peeled myself out of bed after 8:00am. The fact that I was still tired, and yawning by 10:00am told me something was off with me. Was it the hard-driving exercise, or was my Candida acting up? Probably both.

I teach yoga every Thursday morning. All my regulars were in attendance, with a new student named Lil. I told them about my 60-day adventure and that I would do more of the yoga with them than I usually do. But I had a hard time teaching. My eyes were heavy and all I wanted to do was lay down, but I got through the class with relative ease.

There’s a Six Week Detox that I want to do. I’d written Tera and Dr. RitaMarie in December to see if I could do a work exchange, but I never heard back. I wrote them again yesterday and heard back this morning. Wish me luck.

Day 7: The Expresso Experience Bike

Jona wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He fell asleep around 10:00am and woke up at 1:30pm. There went my classes. (And Jona woke up in great spirits. He is feeling fine.) This is a no BS adventure, so I had to get to the gym somehow. I took my mother-in-law to the radiologist; went grocery shopping while was there; picked up food for her; then I went to the YMCA. I got on the Expresso Bike again. I rode 5.25 miles in thirty-two minutes. I was a huffin’ and a puffin’ by the end. Sweat poured down my forehead and back. I felt so good! I am determined to conquer that damn bike! The bike has been the revelation of the adventure, and never intended to ride it at all.

Day 8: The Expresso Experience Bike

I rode 6.5 miles! Thank you to Prince, the B52s, and Ricky Martin for your wonderful music that kept me pumping further than I thought I could go.

Day 9: Yoga
I was the teacher this time. Myself and Ayesha did an easy class together. I needed the stretching and relaxation.

Day 10: Cardio Kickboxing. Teacher: Val.

Val’s class was harder and more complicated this time. She added roundhouse kicks, elbow punches, push-ups, shuffles, and jump roping. I was hoping it would be easier this time. It was not. The class was brutal. It was a forty-five minute class, and I was looking at the clock by the 15-minute mark. But I got through it….just barely!


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