Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thought for the Day

My oldest son Raymond had a Febrile Seizure yesterday morning. We went to the ER via ambulance. It was a trying day for my family. He is home today, still weak and slightly feverish. And today is his brother's birthday. Although we will celebrate Jona's b-day on Saturday, we are all tired. Today is about rest, OWN, and more rest.

In the interim, I'm sharing some wise words from my friend Michael Harris, who leads a Cleanse Group in Baltimore. Cleansing my whole house and cleaning out all of our insides has been heavy on my mind.

The body is always ready to change and become whatever we choose. The problem is that we often choose without awareness and we end up with what feels like the wrong body or the wrong energy or a tendency toward illness. The body reacts to our thoughts, habits, and food choices.

The good news is that the body is a good listener. It is always willing to move with our intention because it is always creating itself. We need only change a few habits and choices in order to experience ourselves as a constant creation aligned with our true needs.
Eating or drinking something you desire just because it tastes good can interfere with our body’s needs. A good example is when feeding a prize animal, say a horse. We want the animal to have a shiny coat and lots of energy and vitality. We feed the animal whole grains and vital foods. We would never feed the animal flour products or processed foods. The animal would love candy if we allowed it to eat sweets, but we know it loves an apple just the same.

Similarly, our body responds to vital living foods, whole grains, leafy greens, whole foods, loving intention, kindness, structure, and lots of care. Treat yourself like a prize animal. Take extra care. Take time to listen to your thoughts without commenting, without judgement. You don't need to fix anything because you are moving in the right direction and it will fix itself. Whatever is out of balance will be brought back into balance again. Listening. Allowing. Choosing for health and tasting the vitality of food. Silently eating and feeling nourished. Feeling strong and confident in your inner intention for yourself.
Living in peace & deeply listening.
Serving humanity with compassion and awareness.
Expressing joy through music.
~Michael Joseph Harris


Mocha Angel message: Pandemonium no longer reigns in your sacred space. Clean out your home −one room at a time − because clutter blocks your blessings. Allow your home to reflect the One Most High.

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