Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leah Salmon: Know Thyself Teleseminar

Althea's Note: My friend Leah is having a free teleseminar on April 12th called: Know Thyself - The 4 Things You Must Know Before Starting Any Diet Or Health Program. I interviewed Leah back in July 2010. You can read it here: Leah's Interview. She is a knowledgable, awesome sister. I am sharing her teleseminar with you all because I believe in the abundance of the Universe.

Everyone in the raw food/wellness community are colleagues, not competitors. So support this sister as she knows what she is talking about. I'll be back soon with big news of my own!

Hi Natural Health Lovers,


If any of the statements below sound like you, I have something very special (and *FREE*) event planned for you on Tues 12th April.

Time: 12am UK, 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern )

DURATION: 45 minutes approx.

Do you find it difficult to maintain a diet, fast or detox for more than few days without feeling like you're struggling?

Do you only get minimal results from diets you've tried?

Are you scared that it will be too hard, restrictive or expensive to go on a healthy diet?

Have you lost all motivation to do anything about the situation you're in, even though you know you NEED to do something before your health declines any further?

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of dieting and healthy eating, so you can finally enjoy any way of eating you choose?

If you answered "Yes!!!" to any of the above, you need to go to and register for my FREE Teleseminar happening on Tues 12th April called:

Know Thyself - The 4 Things You Must Know Before Starting Any Diet Or Health Program

Whether you are already excited to venture into a new healthy eating program or are feeling worried about trying to restart an old diet plan that never really worked for you, when you join me on this call I'll share with you EXACTLY how to make sure that you never have to try and fail at a diet again AND I'll share with you my super-easy system of getting everything you need to make the next diet or healthy program you have get off to a flying start.

Join me on this very special teleclass on Tuesday 12th April 2011 and you'll discover:

-The 4 Things you MUST know before starting ANY diet or health program

-Why it's so important to know these vital pieces of information

-What can happen if you don't know these things before starting

-How you can easily discover everything you need to know to make any diet a HUGE success in just 30 days

Details of a special gift I have for you (it's FREE!) plus details of the simply irresistible offers to take you beyond what you currently thought was even possible with your life and health.

So go to NOW and register for this FREE Call

Take care, stay healthy and speak to you soon.

Leah Salmon
The Naturally You Coach

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