Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Looking for Raw Buddies

Hi Everyone!

I'm happy and grateful to be 40 years old. I'm looking forward to this decade. :-)

The cake is still in the dehydrator, so photos will come tonight or tomorrow.

A birthday is a time for reflection. I realized that I really want a raw 'support' group. You don't have to live in Maryland or near me, (but if you do, that would be awesome). I'm looking for any of you would like to 'buddy' with me. It could be one of you, or many, as long as you are serious and really want to live this lifestyle. For me, being raw is the difference between an okay life and a phenomenal one.

Email me at I'd love to hear from you!

Althea ◦


bitt said...

I don't eat 100% raw but I do lead a high raw lifestyle and think lots of raw food is the foundation of health. Hope that helps. Happy to support however I can!

Althea said...

Thanks Bitt. I'll drop you an email.

Angela said...

I'm 39.95 too. I think I know you on facebook. Nice to see your blog! Let's stay connected.

mango extract said...

Im so thankful on you letting us know your hidden secrets.

Shakti said...

Still looking for raw food buddies? So am I! Just turned 41 in Feb and after my b-day raw food cleanse I decided to keep it up more regularly (but fell off the raw food wagon really hard shortly after lol) Non the less I'm a great support person it's partially what I do for a living but I would love a little support myself. I work as a prenatal yoga teacher, natural hairstylist and and intuitive healer, but my main job is homeschooling two active children Full-Time. So I need all the energy a High Raw Diet can give me. I'm a busy work-at-home mom and would love love love join you on this journey!


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