Thursday, November 19, 2015

8 year blog-anniversary :-)

Eight years ago today, I wrote my first post. Thank you to the 310 people who subscribe to my blog for your love, patience, kindness, and feedback. And thank you to anyone who has ever loved me.

Last night, I talked on the phone with Steven Barnes, writer and teacher extraordinaire. Mr. Barnes took time out of his schedule to answer a question I had about his Ancient Child meditation, which is the most powerful meditation I've ever done. He was open, kind, patient, funny, and charming. Emphasis on patient. This guy is one of my gurus. And he talked to me like we went way back. I am still processing the conversation, but I realized that I've had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting, in person, on the phone, or emailed/messaged directly, one-on-one, people I admire.

I have met:
Toni Morrison
Tananarive Due
Steve Barnes
Queen Afua
Danny Dreyer (ChiRunning creator)
Victoria Boutenko
Mike Dooley
Mimi Kirk
Matthew Kenney
Sarma Melngailis

For my anniversary, I want to dedicate my blog to the my most influential teachers in the areas of raw food, fiction, fitness, yoga, and metaphysics.

Raw Food Teachers:
Ann Wigmore
The Boutenko Family
Matthew Kenney
Tonya Zavasta

Fiction Teachers:
Langston Hughes
Toni Morrison
Maya Angelou
James Baldwin
Steve Barnes
Tananarive Due
Alice Walker
Every female novelist in the African Diaspora
with a special shoutout to:
Leslie Esdaile Banks
Bebe Moore Campbell
J. California Cooper
Toni Cade Bambara
Brenda Wilkinson
Virginia Hamilton
Mildred D. Taylor
Gloria Naylor
Sheree Thomas

Fitness Teachers:
Jamie Eason
Hollis Leibman

Yoga Teachers:
K. Pattabhi Jois
Betsey Downing
Doug Keller
Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Darshan Kaur Khalsa

Metaphysical Teachers:
Mocha Angels
Queen Afua
Mike Dooley
Louise Hay
Catherine Ponder

Uber shoutout to: Oprah, Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, Phyllis Wheatley, Diahann Carroll, Rosalind Cash, Elaine Rice-Fells, Janet Sloane Alexander, Amaadi Coleman, Lori Savko Perdue, Monica Utsey and the entire Southern DC Mocha Moms chapter, Cindy Tawiah, Radhia Jaaber, Shanna Bulluck, and my mama, Ardilia Wesley, for being supremely influential and amazingly fabulous beyond words.



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