Monday, January 7, 2008

Judging Myself

So on Saturday night, I had this dream that my MIL's psychiatrist was judging myself, my boss Kelly, and another woman. Whoever had the lowest fat-to-muscle ratio would win one million dollars. I thought this was unfair because Kelly is as least 10 years younger than me and clearly athletic. I have no idea who was the other woman in the contest. So the good doctor uses one of those squishy things to squeeze the fat on our waists. Well, guess who won? KELLY! The good doctor hands Kelly her one million dollar check and she proceeds to party-hardy with her boyfriend. And I'm standing there saying, "That wasn't fair!"

So a fellow intuitive friend, Linda, who does dream interpretation says that the dream was about judgement. I was being judged too harshly. And perhaps I was judging myself too hard as well. And that I felt like I would never win "the big prize" because I was comparing myself to other people. I could see that. I've had nothing but favorable comments about my picture. Linda told me those thoughts on the way to the Psychic Fair we were both vendors at. Soon after I got there, Rachel, who is a BioMat distributor, without knowing anything about my dream, handed me a ONE MILLION DOLLAR bill. (Fake, of course.) I was like, "No way!!" And I told her my dream. Rachel said, "There's no coincidences in the universe."

So I'm watching what I say to myself about myself. I do deserve the big prize. Our bodies are usually representative of our thoughts and beliefs. I say now, "I am beautiful. I am holy, healthy, and happy."

I've been eating a lot of carrot tuna and kale salad, green smoothies, and juice. I don't have any new recipes right now. I will be at a potluck on Wednesday though. I'm taking Ginger Almond Nori Rolls, kale salad, and Sergei's Amazing Truffles from 12 Steps to Raw Food by Victoria Boutenko. I'll let you know how they like it :-). ◦


Anonymous said...

I continuously compare myself to others knowing it's unhealthy. I've had dreams with my co-workers and friends being judged by men who vote who's the thinnest and most attractive. Society and TV has warped my mind tremendously.

Have a great time at your Potluck!

Kristen's Raw said...

Have a great day :)



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