Sunday, January 27, 2008

Support From Family

I got a wonderful email from my teenage cousin, Christian, the other day. I asked him if it was okay to share, and he said "yes." Here is a part of his email:

" are you doing? I was really sad when I found out that you weren't coming cause you know I always look forward to seeing you! I have read all of your blogs and am staying up to date on them. I have always wondered why you became a raw vegan cause my earliest memories of you coming into town are leaving the airport, going to White Castle, and then going to McDonalds cause you had to have yo McDonalds fries! After I read why you turned to raw veganism, I thought to myself, "That's enough pain to make me become a raw vegan! She's got a good rationale, though!" You know I have always looked up to ever since I can remember and I want to let you know that I am 100% behind you in your journey of raw veganism and you have my 150% undivided support!

Love ya much!!!!!"

Isn't that nice?? I loved his letter! It was such a nice surprise. And yes, I was a hard-core White Castle fan. White Castle is burger joint located only in the Midwest United States. You can find them in your frozen food section now too. Now, I'd be sick as a dog if I had some of that. I just wanted to share my lovely letter. Family support means so much.

I love you too Christian. See you soon :-). ◦

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