Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sexyback II

I've lost seven pounds! Whoo hoo! I love this. I was so excited to see that on the scale. I had been a little disheartened. I've been working out the YMCA and eating raw, but the old pounds weren't moving. This is very motivating for me to keep going. I've learned that weight loss is a true "release." It's releasing pounds of pain. I meant it when I said the 2008 would be about joy.

Also, on another note, I was flipping through an old Yoga Journal last night. An article mentioned Ahimsa which is the princple of non-violence. Most yogis are vegetarians because ahimsa is translated as "non-harming" or "non-killing." But the article also interpreted ahimsa as "non-violence against the self." So when we (I) eat emotionally, we are harming ourselves. That gave me pause. I still eat chocolate when I get upset. That means I am taking my anger, frustation, whatever, out of myself. I'm harming me instead of speaking my mind. Hmmm. That is something I'm going to keep noticing as time goes on.

I know we are divine beings more powerful than we know. Remembering that on a daily basis is the challenge. I have noticed that staying raw keeps me on an even emotional keel more often that not.

Any comments?

Althea ◦

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