Monday, May 5, 2008

Emotional Freedom Technique

On May 2nd, I had:
apple-broccoli-lemon juice
carrot tuna and kale salad
cashew burgers w/collards
apple-banana smoothie
Hershey bar (I'll explain this in a second)
On May 3rd, I had:
orange-banana-kale-parsley smoothie
veggie wrap from Subway
2 apples
2 bananas
1 orange
chickpea salad

On May 4th, I had:
3 bananas
handful of almonds
cashew burger
kale salad
apple-broccoli-lemon juice
apple-carrot-beet juice
1 orange

On May 5th, I had:
oatmeal (soaked for 30 minutes) w/ raisins, bananas, apples, cinnamon, and maple syrup
orange-banana-collard smoothie
1 chocolate chip cookie
1 apple
cashew nori wrap w/ cucumber & lettuce salad
kale salad

If you are suffering from ANY kind of emotional or physical pain, run, don't walk to Download the free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) manual. Ya'll know I am not selling anything. I am not an EFT practitioner nor an affiliate. I tried the tapping techniques for the first time on Friday, and I am a believer. The philosophy in a sentence, is that all negative emotions are a result of a disruption in the energy field.
Since I am trained in energy healing (Healing Touch) and a practicing intuitive (All we do is read the energy field. If there were no energy field in and around the human body, there would be nothing for me to read or pick up on), I knew there was something to EFT. EFT works on the body's meridians.
You all know that I (was) a raging chocoholic. The fast did help the cravings, then I started eating cooked food, then, crash, off the wagon I went.
I read the first half of the manual. I did the Basic Tapping Recipe. The first two emotional issues I tackled were my relatives I care for and my chocolate cravings. My reaction to my relatives was definitely different. If 10 is stark raving anger and 0 is no reaction at all, I was about a 6 when I started tapping. I was a 3 afterward. I will continue to tap until my emotional reaction is a zero.

But the CHOCOLATE. Holy Cow!!! The cravings went away INSTANTLY. I could not believe it.
I even went to the store to get a candy bar (it was buy one get one free). I sat in my car eating that thing and I felt terrible. Not guilty; not at all. I mean I had a unpleasant physical reaction to the chocolate. It tasted terrible. I felt my vibration lower. It was like YUCK. That photo above is of the second bar. I bought them on Friday, today is Monday. I do not want it. And this is NOT willpower. Heck, if it was willpower, I'd be sweating and anxious. No, none of it. It is not appealing to me. And yesterday, I baked chocolate chip cookies for the Yabba Pot. I tasted one. It was fine. No urge to eat any more. And I didn't eat the chocolate chips right out of the bag like I used to. NOTHING. I feel so free of that addiction!
And now it's Tuesday (I typed the above part of the blog at the library last night. Now I am at home) Apparently my husband got into the leftover bag of chocolate chips because it was open. I put the chips in Tupperware without incident. I didn't eat any. The chips were as appealing to me as a piece of ham.
Before my recent juice fast, the longest I'd gone without chocolate was 3 days, and was during a 3 day fast in 1998. I was sweating bullets. While on this most recent fast between March 31-April 13, I did lose the desire for chocolate. Since raw food can clear up a lot of issues without much effort, perhaps what it's really doing is clearing the body's energy centers too.
My mom told me I should frame that Hershey Bar. I can't find the receipt, which would make it more powerful. The expiration date is February 2009. When it's been framed for a few years, people will know I'm telling the truth. Go download that EFT manual and see how the technique works for you.


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