Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closing the Gap

That's my 3 year old son with his face in my carrot juice! He wasn't trying to drink it, he was blowing on it like it was hot. That carrot juice had lemons, kale, spinach, cilantro, and lettuce in it. I've also been drinking green smoothies with bananas, kiwi, kale, and spinach.
On Saturday, I had cooked food. I was feeling very lightheaded while I was at Mystickal Voyage doing readings. I could feel all my energy up in my head and crown. So I got Schezuan tofu and asked them to put vegetables in it. I felt better within 10 minutes.

I hope no one is too disappointed with me for saying that. I used my intuition to decide what I needed in that moment, and that worked. On Sunday, I was right back on the cleanse. I made falafels, with tomatoes, cucumbers and a house dressing.

But I have been REALLY emotional lately. So much has happened in the past two months that I've had trouble processing it all. Some has been wonderful, some not so wonderful. As an intuitive, I witness some pretty amazing stuff. Then when I turn around and look at my personal life, some things are not so amazing. The dichotomy is getting to me.

I finished the fifth round of edits for my Mocha Angels book tonight. Looking at it again, I realize I'm not living all that I've received. Mocha Angels was channeled back in 2005 when I was going through the worst of the drama with my disabled relatives. I mean, they were bringing the noise and bringing the funk, for real. I'd just had a baby. I wasn't getting any sleep, and I had to contend with other folks dysfunctions every day. My house was not a happy place to be. There were days that I hated coming home because I was never sure how my relatives would behave. One thing was consistent though: their behavior was never, ever positive.

Mocha Angels is very much along the same line as The Secret and Ask and it is Given, but in a 365 day Daily Word format. But I channeled my messages before either of those two products were released. I look at the messages and sometimes I can't believe they came through me. The two great messages of the book are:
-manifest the life that you really want with the power of your thoughts
-love everyone you meet, whether they love you or not

That love thing...I've been witholding love from my relatives. They have brought so much drama...worthy of a book as my mother and some friends have told me. But love is the singularly consistent messgage of the Mocha Angels. Love. Just love them, even if they don't love you. Love is the healing balm of all wounds. Love creates miracles. Love is God's first, middle, and last name. Love will heal your family.

(Okay....had to break because I was crying. I'm back now.)
And the other thing is I don't tell a lot of people about what I do for a living. When asked, I say I'm a yoga teacher. I am a yoga teacher, but most of my income comes from doing readings. When I was editing the book tonight, the December 3 message was this:
Fear not your own truth, especially if it differs greatly from the masses. You think you are all alone in your truths. You are not. Your personal truth was given to you in order to heal yourself, heal others, and live out loud. Manifest greatness by being yourself.

When other people read me, they always say the same thing: speak your personal truth. I've been holding back. I speak freely when I'm around people I know agree with me. But if I'm not sure, I hold back and keep quiet. I just need to be myself and live my life according to my personal experiences, which have shaped my truths.

And love my in-laws.


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Egyirba said...

Would love to have the "recipe" for the carrot drink and the green drink you made. They sound interesting.


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