Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I ate the first two days

Asian-Inspired Green Beans

Hi Ya'll:

Tyrah, one of my readers in Australia, asked what I've been eating. I've been eating cashew nori rolls, kale salad, sesame seed milk, and lots of fruit. I know I need to change this up a bit. Green beans were on sale for 99 cents pound, so I got some. The above dish, Asian-Inspired Green Beans is an original.

The sauce is:
sesame oil
olive oil
maple syrup
nama shoyu
red pepper chili flakes.

The sauce is based on Golden Tofu Marinade from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison. (I hate I sold that book. It's a great foundation for anyone learning how cook.) Her sauce had brown sugar in it. I changed it to maple syrup, and just went by taste. It's a great sauce for anything. I'd made spaghetti for the rest of the family and poured that sauce over it. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and you've got a meal.

And these peaches I bought at the farmer's market near my house (minus four already eaten). These are called "Seconds." They are cheaper than regular peaches. They may be a little bruised or highly ripe, but still in good condition. I bought ten dollars worth of peaches for $4.50.

And I've gotten bananas at 25 cents a pound at my local grocery store. Again, seconds. The bananas might be open on the top. I saw two of them like that and asked the produce manager if I could get them discounted. She said, "Sure! I've two boxes of them like that in the back!" I got ten of them for 75 cents. Ask, because they won't volunteer the information.

And this is what I had for breakfast yesterday. Peaches, bananas, and kiwi. Simple and easy!
I need to do some green smoothies and juices though. I'll let you know what I did over the weekend on Monday.


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R said...

Been checking out your blog for awhile now as I consider an attempt from vegetarian to vegan diet. I've been increasing my intake of raw foods as well and find a lot of inspiration and ideas here. Keep up the wonderful work!


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