Friday, August 22, 2008

Battling the PMS Monster

Talk about being knocked off my center! I am crazy right now! Sisters, send me what you use to alleviate PMS symptoms. I got acupuncture, which was a WONDERFUL help with pain. And I forgot to upload the photo of the acupuncturist, but I'll do that next time. He was great. But I need to hear from holistic women who know how to turn down the noise of PMS. I look at it differently from the conventional wisdom. I know I don't have to live with this. I know I need to detox; that was the point of the cleanse (which will be starting sooner rather than September 2nd).

This is how I feel right now.
And I have yet to get my period. Lord help me! I think it's stress. Because it's only been my last cycle and this one that I've felt so off-center. I had a dream last night that summed up my home life. Talk about right on point. Queen Afua says to fast and pray to open up blockages in your life. I'll be doing that soon.

But the Angels are always here to help :-)

So I haven't eaten any meat. Meat is so far away as anything I would touch ever again, but it's still baked goods and rice. God help me. I'm making green smoothies but I still don't feel right. Remember I said that at PMS time another women inhabits my body and demands every sugary product she can see? It's the weirdest feeling I cannot describe with words. In a jokey-joke moment, I started to give her a name, but I won't do that. I do not want to empower this hormonal aberration.
So I'm asking for help. HELP!
Leave me a comment so other women may be helped as well.



DelightfullyHealthy said...

Hi Althea,

Wow, do I know what you're talking about! Here's what I've found helps: A cleanse is a fabulous idea. Even before that, cutting out the sugar and any caffeine, and keeping that up through the next cycle. (You might find that that alone does the trick.) Try eating sweet veggies instead. Adding in dark, leafy greens - as many as you can eat (the green smoothies are good, but kale and collards would be better). And check out Paul Pitchford's book, Healing with Whole Foods, for some herbal suggestions.

I hope you feel better soon!


Karin said...

Not sure how "true" this info is, but I clipped it from Self magazine, because I have 'issues' both right before my period, and mid cycle. I've been vegan nearly 20 years - had the same issues prior as I have ever since! I do take supplements for the first two suggestions on their list, and I have to say - extra potassium helps me with water retention, as does acupuncture. So here's what they say:
Manage moods- magnesium 300-400 mg
food sources, spinach, artichokes, almonds
Bloating - potassium asparagus, bananas, strawberries, melon
Cramps - calcium + vitamin D
Cravings? "reach for healthy whole grain carbs. They activate seritonin production." Avoid sugary sweets.
Sorry to go on so long, but maybe, hopefully, some of this will help!

Daniel said...

Hi there. Try to get hold of Vitex Agnus Castus. It works like a treat! I'm acctually a guy but I'm doing a project at Uni trying to isolate certain active ingredients and trust me IT'S POWERFUL!

joy said...

I have had extremely painful periods for the last 8 years (sweating, vomiting, insomnia borderline suicidal) and I have been slowly working in different dietary changes during this time. Last month was the first time in 8 years I was able to dull the pain (very minor headache and back ache) with 2 ibuprofen and have a calm and pleasant cycle.
pilates morning and night (broke sweat and kept body warm throughout the day)
Morning: oranges + chammomile tea+filtered water with lemon
Lunch: lightly steamed broccoli (half a head) over a teeny tiny baked potato w/skin DOUSED in ginger + chamomile tea
Dinner: large romaine salad w/light dressing + chammomile tea
4-6 calcium/magnesium pills a day (natures sunshine)
Had no sugar or any other cravings at all. My cycle came on again today and I'm going to try the same regimen. follow my progress if you want at


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