Sunday, August 31, 2008

Colon Cleanse: Days 1 through 4

Peach-Banana-Collard Smoothie
On Day 1, I had:
avocado/apple/cilantro smoothie
apple/carrot/broccoli/green pepper/cilantro juice with fiber mix
carrot/apple/spinach juice
carrot/apple/green beans/lettuce juice
carrot juice with fiber mix
Bolthouse green smoothie
a whole lot of water

On Day 2, I had:
apple/lemon/green beans/kale juice with fiber mix
watermelon/spinach/cilantro juice
carrot/apple/green pepper/spinach juice with fiber mix
a whole lot of water

On Day 3, I had:
Chamomile tea
water with fiber mix (YUCK. I will never do that again.)
carrot/apple juice
apple/lemons/green beans juice
carrot juice with fiber mix
peach/banana/kale/green pepper smoothie
kale salad
a whole lot of water

Reaching for the apple juice :-)
On Day 4, I had:
Carrot juice with fiber mix
apple/lemon/green beans/green pepper juice
watermelon/kale juice with fiber mix
apple/kale/collard juice with fiber mix
kale salad
a whole lot of water
Two major changes I've seen have been in my mood, which is generally sunny. And I have more energy. The other revelation I've had has been LEMONS. They really do cut the "green" taste of green leafy veggies. When I made apple/lemon/green bean juice yesterday, I shared some with my oldest son (the one in the picture. He turned six yesterday) and he nearly drank it all. He even asked for more! That will be my secret weapon to getting my kids to drink green juice. It really did taste like apple lemonade. There was no hint of green beans at all. I was out of lemons after that, so I made him more today.
Oh, and that fiber mix of psyllium, bentonite, and flax seed, whooooo...that is nasty stuff in some water. What was I thinking? Only in juice can someone drink that. It was a bad mix of dirt and slime. Yuck. But mixed with juice it's fine.
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