Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Colon Cleanse: Days 5-7

Watermelon Juice

On Day 5, I had:

apple/green beans/collards/lemon juice

carrot/kale/lemon juice

peach/banana/kale smoothie



lots o' water

On Day 6, I had:

apple/collard/lemon juice

peach/banana/collard smoothie

Bolthouse green smoothie

kale salad


lots o' water

On Day 7, I had:

watermelon/collard juice

banana/peach/collard smoothie

watermelon/kale juice

water and lemon juice

lots o' water

I feel great even though I stopped taking the fiber mix of bentonite, flax, and psyllium. It wasn't doing much for me. But I will say that I haven't been exercising like I should and that does help move things along. But emotionally and mentally, I feel clear and positive. I think I'll start the liver/gallbladder cleanse on Sunday.

And I realized that being simple with the raw food is working for me. I'm eating simple mono-meals and, for now, that works. I really want to experiment with raw breads to break from using lettuce or collards as the wrap. The concept of a raw bread fascinates me. They are also portable which would help when I'm out with my children. But that's coming later, after I finish this cleanse.

Talk soon. And thank you for all the emails!





earthmother said...

I like your list of reasons for going raw. I've been transitioning to raw (85-90%) for about two months now, and think I'll make a list for myself...something I can read on those days when I just want to chuck it all and head to the nearest drive-through window.

Anne said...

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