Sunday, September 14, 2008

Juice Fast Days 11-14 and Steps to Raw

Apple-Beet Juice

On the rest of Day 11, I had:
2 carrots/2 celery ribs/handful of parsley juice
1 apple/ 1/4 lemon/handful of parsley juice
2 apples/handful of parsley juice
lots of water

On Day 12, I had:
1 apple/1 celery rib/handful of parsley and cilantro/1/4 lemon juice
2 apples/1 celery rib/handful of parsley/3 kale leaves/5 collard leaves juice
1 apple/1 huge carrot/1 celery rib/1/4 lemon/handful of parsley and cilantro juice
lots of water

Day 13, I had:
1/4 beet/2 carrots/1 apple/1/4 lemon/1/2 inch ginger juice
1/4 beet/3 carrots/1/4 lemon/1/2 ginger juice
2 peaches/2 bananas/5 collard leaves/handful of parsley/ 1 cup water smoothie
lots of water

Apple-Collard Juice

On Day 14, I had:
1 peach/1 banana/4 collard leaves/1 cup water smoothie
1 apple/1 celery/4 kale leaves juice
2 peach/2 bananas/ 5 kale leaves/1 cup water smoothie
3 apples/2 celery/6 collard/ 1/2 lemon juice
lots of water

The only updates I have today is that I am still losing weight. All my clothes are too big. (That's a good thing!) And I feel good energy-wise, but I've caught my children's cold. Blah. I'll be drinking teas along with my juice until I get over this cold.

I found my notes about The Steps on Your Raw Food Journey. I had started this back in June, but I hadn't posted all of them. So here they are! I will follow up on Steps 5-15 later.

1. Know Why You are Doing This
2. Read a Ton of Books
3. Meet Other Raw Foodies
4. Drink Your Greens
5. Learn Basic Recipes
6. Learn How to Sprout
7. Stock Your Kitchen
8. Acknowledge Your Emotions
9. Practice Gratitude
10. Be Kind to Yourself
11. Pay Attention to Your Body
12. Know Thyself
13. Practice Mind/Body/Spirit Exercises
14. Smile & Laugh & Love
15. Lead by Example

This isn't lock-step: step one, step two, etc. They more blend together as one, but taking each piece of your raw food journey and breaking it down makes it easier to do. It can be overwhelming, can't it? Just take one step at a time, and set small goals for yourself.

I was telling my mom about one of my favorite blogs, Dar Kush. Author Steve Barnes writes this blog. A few days ago, he wrote about the power of inertia. When people attempt major life changes, something tends to pop up to get in their way. His advice was to take it sloooooooow.
That post was a big help to me. We don't have to do everything all at once. :-)
Here's the post:

Let me know what you all think!



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