Monday, September 29, 2008

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Flax Bread

I did make the bread as promised. It actually tasted good. My husband, ever the loyal taste tester, actually liked it. If he doesn't like something, then it really doesn't taste good. I made this last week, so it's a little fuzzy now. But it was 1 cup of ground flax seeds mixed with ½ cup of water, 1 onion, 3 garlic cloves. I added a little mashed avocado and various herbs to the mix. Spread in the dehydrator and leave in for at least 12 hours. I left mine in for 13 hours. We ate it up in 3 days.

The past week has been VERY emotional for me, and I have not been 100% raw. Not that I'm stressed about it, but to blog means to be honest what is happening in my life. Too much to process right now. I've been sick for 15 days now. I'm at the end of it; I can tell because I'm coughing up less mucus and need less sleep. I'm also sore, part of which is due to these flu-like symptoms. I've been eating lots of raw garlic, soup, greens, teas, and rice.

The other part of this has to do with my in-laws. Any good vibes you all can send my way would be appreciated. I need all the light, goodness, and positivity, and prayers you can send to me. Remaining grateful in the midst of sorrow and chaos is a tough thing to do, but I am hanging in here. Just pray for a positive outcome to this situation and that a way is being made right now.

Angela Stokes of

On a light note, here are some exciting news in the raw food world. Angela Stokes of has been featured on CNN. You can watch the video here:
In case the link is cut off, click here: CNN video of Angela

Bernando LaPallo

Also, I saw this link in Angela's blog about 107 year old Bernando LaPallo. That's right ONE OH SEVEN. Not a typo. You can read about Mr. LaPallo at Paul Nison's blog:

And here's another good blog post at We Like It Raw: It's Anthony of the Raw Model blog talking at the Raw Spirit Festival about being compassionate with yourself. Don't get caught up on the "perfectionism" of being 100% raw. We really are too hard on ourselves for any mistakes that we make. And eating, being full of emotion and attachment, is where we as human beings can get so mad at ourselves. Let's all take it easy and enjoy food, rather than condemn ourselves for what we don't or do eat. Love yourselves and learn to detach from the all or nothing approach.




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