Friday, September 19, 2008

Juice Fast Days 15-19

On Day 15, I had:
Ginger tea
Peppermint tea twice
2 apples/ ¼ ginger/ 2 celery ribs/4 collard leaves juice
2 apples/1/2 beet /¼ ginger/ ¼ lemon/ 1 celery rib juice
2 apples/2 carrots juice
2 apples/ ½ beet/ ¼ ginger/ ¼ lemon juice
lots of water and lemon

On Day 16, I had:
Peppermint tea 4 times
1 peach/2 bananas/ kale/collard smoothie
2 bananas
2 apples
lots of water and lemon

On Day 17, I had:
2 apples/2 carrots juice
3 apples/5 collard leaves juice
Peppermint tea twice
2 peach/2 banana/collard/kale smoothie

On Day 18, I had:
Peppermint tea twice
2 apples/1/4 lemon/ ½ beet juice
lots of water and lemon

On Day 19, I had:
2 Bolthouse green smoothies
onion tea twice
Hot toddy twice
lots of water and lemon

No pictures today...In short, family...I have the flu. My children had recovered from their colds pretty quickly. I have not been so lucky. I think the intensity is in part due to the juice fast itself. My husband took off work twice this week so I could stay in bed. This is not fun. But I also intend that this is the last time I am sick :-)

But I got some clarity on how much fear has governed my life since I graduated from college in 1993. It's too long to go into here, but what I've done over the past few days is call people that I felt like I had wronged. I also called someone else to talk about an incident that hurt my feelings. All of the calls went really well and ended on a positive note. What was I so afraid of? Fear itself is more scary than the actual event it seems.

Breaking through fears puts you closer to the life that you really want.



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Ife Kilimanjaro, PhD said...

what is a bolthouse smoothie? Also, I have read all of the different juices you made while on this juice feast. Why did you put something like peaches and collards together? Are you coming up with your own combinations? How do you choose? Some of them sound sort of nasty. I don't want to be closed minded, however, as I am in the pre- pre- early early stages of raw food lifestyle. I really want to do this, but my work schedule is so full and demanding that food, coffee in particular, is what keeps me stabilized. Anyway, I don't want to take much time. I am interested in why you chose the juice combinations you made and what is a bolthouse drink?

Thank you. And I appreciate your openness on your journey.


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