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Guest Blogger: Elaine Rice-Fells

Elaine and Ron Fells

Elaine Rice-Fells, and her husband Ron Fells, are legends in the metro DC raw food community. Elaine co-founded the RawSoul yahoogroup, which is a fantastic resource of information for anyone interested in the raw vegan lifestyle. Elaine and Ron hosted potlucks at their home, and always made themselves available to anyone who had questions. I met them five years ago, and they have watched me grow from a woman who knew bupkus about raw, to someone who now has a blog! Elaine and Ron gave me reading materials, resources, and are loving, incredible people. They are passionate advocates of raw, and are wonderful people to know. When I considered who I wanted to guest blog for the Raw Mocha Angel, Elaine was the first person to come to mind. Here is her post about the benefits of juicing:

When you’re asked “Do you drink fresh fruit and green or vegetable juice (go here for clarification ( ) is your response “NO, it’s too laborious even for fruit or UGH, maybe V-8?” Then my friend, allow me to extend some tasty, beneficial insight.

Processed juices, be in boxes, cans, or bottles are a true waste of your time and energy. Though they may tantalize your taste buds, they provide you with dead nutrients, false calories, and a variety of sugar substitutes that confuse your digestive system and worse, increases major health risks and cancer.

Let’s ponder for a moment or two . . . what is enabling the color and taste to remain intact until purchased, and what’s really the significance of the “expiration date” found on the label? Well my friend, the answer is an oxidized and chemically treated juice containing additives for shelf life until you purchase and consume them. Let’s ponder a little longer. The definition of “fresh” couldn’t be any clearer: recently made or harvested, imparting vitality and energy, not canned or otherwise preserved, not containing or composed of salt water, original.

Visualize your favorite fruit, let’s say watermelon, juiced right before your eyes then poured into a clear glass showing off its’ natural splendor, nice and cool, bursting with flavor, nutrients intact and sweet aroma. Can you really imagine this kind of goodness truly coming from a bottle? NOT! So, let’s talk fresh organic juicing.

First, you’ll need a decent juicer. Make it simple, purchase the first one you see, ask around or do your own homework by comparing brand names, appearance, prices or ratings. Take it home, try it out and remember one important thing, you can always return it if you’re not completely satisfied.

Select your fruit, greens or vegetables. Go for what you’d prefer or pick up one or two of the many juicing books available (suggested list at end of article) containing recipes or keep it simple and go to Google or YouTube and search the words " juicing recipes."

Always or whenever possible, go organic. Step outside the box and create your own recipes. Keep fresh organic ginger on hand as a staple. Peel it by scraping the skin off with a teaspoon in lieu of a knife, this saves more ginger meat. Juice a good size knot (about the size of your thumb and middle finger circled or more) of it along with other ingredients. It’s a good blood purifier that helps with circulation and a regulator of high blood pressure among other illnesses as well as lemon and lime.

As a rule and in my own opinion, it’s best to eat your vegetables and drink your greens. Additionally, although fruit juices are simply fantastic and additively refreshing, they should mostly be eaten. Whatever your mode of consumption may be, remember that fiber is most important. Once you begin juicing and enjoying your creativity you’ll never purchased processed juice again.

Any amount of fresh juice you consume in a day will be a great beginning. It doesn’t have to be 16 ounces each time. It depends upon what type you’re drinking and how available it is to you. Two to four ounces of fresh organic leafy greens can work wonders! Too green or not palatable you say? Simple, add juice of an apple, celery or cucumber along with some ginger or you may be a trooper and take it in a shot glass chased with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice. You’ll feel the difference nearly immediately.

For folks on the go who would like to have their juice throughout the day but obviously cannot carry your juicer, no excuse. I have an answer for you. At the grocery store look for glass bottled items like Capers (the skinny bottle), various size jars and bottles of jams, spices, sauces and juices. Give the contents away or dump them and keep the bottles. Ask friends and family to save bottles for you. Now you have glass containers for your fresh juice any time of the day. Fill the containers all the way to overflow then cap it tightly. This prevents oxidation. Later, when you open you must drink it all else oxidation will diminish the nutrient values. Juices are to be consumed not more than 2 minutes after extraction.

I could go on for hours about the benefits and fun I have with juicing but I must end here. Go now and rediscover the joy in your kitchen and by all means. . . Happy Juicing!

Suggested reading:
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices – Dr. N. W. Walker
Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko
Joy of Juicing – Gary Null
Juice Fasting, How to Keep Slim Healthy and Young with – Dr. Paavo Airola
Juicing For Health – Julie Stafford
Power Juices, Super Drinks – Steve Meyerowitz
The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing – Jay Kordich
Wheatgrass, Nature’s Finest Medicine – Steve Meyerowitz

Some of my favorites:
Be sure to wash all of the produce thoroughly before juicing.

Cantaloupe (rind may be included if organic)
Watermelon with seeds (rind may be included if organic)
Grapes including seeds with ginger
Pineapple with ginger
Carrots with ginger
Lemon aid: 4 Gala Apples and juice of one medium to large lemon
Ginger Ale: 4 Granny Smith Apples, 1 bunch White Grapes, 2 Stalks Celery, 4 inches of Ginger or more
Kale chased with lemon or lime juice
Kale with apple, orange and ginger
Collards with apple, orange and ginger
Spinach with apple, orange and ginger
Romaine with frozen banana

Thanks Elaine!


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