Friday, August 28, 2009

My Raw Food Class for Mocha Moms

From left: (front) Monica (Southern DC Chapter President), Renee, Maisha, Mama Ayo
From left: (back) Teresa, Allison, Donne (Silver Spring Chapter President), Me, Najla

I taught a raw food class on Wednesday to members of the Southern DC, Northern DC, and Silver Spring Chapters of Mocha Moms.
I was so happy everyone loved the food. The class surpassed my expectations. It was a blast.

On the menu was:
Green Goddess Juice
Spinach Salad
Tacos w/ salsa & cheese
Kale salad
coconut ice cream w/ strawberry sauce

Allison and Donne eating the coconut ice cream. Donne's quotes: "I love you, Althea." "You are my new best friend."

She cracked me up. She kept saying, "My grandma would eat this food!"

Another picture of the ladies!

Renee and Monica
I won't be able make the Raw Spirit Fest that's happening near me, but I will get to meet Karen Ranzi, author of Creating Super Healthy Children, on Sunday. I'm looking forward to that. When my life settles down on Monday, I'll get back to taking pictures of food. I'm off to put the finishing touches on Raymond's birthday party :-).


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