Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BLT Raw Vegan Style

I have been aching to make Chef Russell James' Buckwheat Bread for the past nine months. I finally made it yesterday. It was worth the wait. Chef Russell's recipe can be found at his website:

Sign up for his newsletter, and you will receive his Top 5 recipes for free. This is one of the recipes.

This bread is so light, so fluffy, that I forgot it was a "raw" bread. It just tastes like bread. The cooked kind. The lightness is what trips me out.

Let's talk about the mushrooms, AKA "the bacon" in the BLT (my name for it, not his). Marinate portabello mushrooms for a few hours or overnight in an olive oil & tamari marinade. Dehydrate overnight. I put Veganaise on the bread, added lettuce, tomato, and cilantro, and BAM: a raw vegan BLT.

I have a ranch dressing that I think will go well with this sandwich. The bread "batter" took some chopping, cutting, and food processing. But I have a lot of bread left to eat. It'll be sandwiches for days in my house.

I'm raving. This stuff is something you make to impress your friends who think raw vegans only eat lettuce. 10 stars for sure. Make this and tell me what you think afterward!



Mindy said...

Wow, Althea! I have that recipe and have never tried it. I've been collecting so many raw recipes, I need to quit collecting and start making. I can't eat "regular" bread, even if I want to, because I have Celiac Disease. I really like Buckwheat, so this may be just the thing for me, and your BLT sounds good, too. I like portabellas also. Thanks for sharing.

Althea said...

Girl, it is off the chi-zang.

And I am in the collecting recipes business too. :-)

Pat said...

Hey Althea love your blog I just found it and the food looks great. I was trying to decide if I needed/wanted a dehydrator this makes me think I should go for it. What kind do you have?

Althea said...

I have an Excalibur 5 -tray. Don't bother with any other kind of dehydrator. Having one opens up your raw food possibilites :-).


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