Thursday, September 2, 2010

28-Day Detox Days 1-10

So I didn't win in my Black Weblog Awards categories. Was I highly disappointed? Yes. But I am grateful for you all taking the time to nominate me and to vote for me. And thank you to all the new subscribers I got as a result of the contest. I know I have a great blog, and I appreciate all of you reading my posts.

Now on to detoxing! This post is not about what I made out of Penni Shelton's book Raw Food Cleanse, but how I feel. I drank freshly made juices days 1-7, and smoothies, soups, and juices days 8-10. Despite being sick, not once, but twice, in that short time, I still feel good. (Four days after "it-who-has-no-name" was gone, I got a cold, or what I thought was a simple detox healing crisis. Oh, no. It couldn't have been that simple. Last night I spent six hours in and out of the bathroom with, guess what, diarrhea. It was big fun. Not! Rom just brought me some Oscilloccinum and Echinacea.)

Despite the bathroom fun, fasting brings a remarkable physical and mental clarity. The physical changes are:
1) I need less sleep
2) I have more energy
3) I've dropped 7.8 pounds
4) My skin is brighter

Mental changes are:
1) I wake up in a better mood.
2) I can think clearer
I have much, much more energy for my sons. And I can tell I'm not easily frazzled. I am a very busy woman with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to do daily. But I can handle the stressors better.

I truly believe everyone should fast at least some point in their lives. You will not regret it. Start slow. A one day fast, on a day you can stay home is a good start. I plan to do a five-day juice/smoothie/soups fast once per season. Maybe three days, maybe five days.

Days 11-28 of the cleanse is all raw food. I'll let you all know how it's going along the way :-).

Althea ◦

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