Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mocha Angels is on Facebook!

Hi, ya'll. Mocha Angels is my growing empire! It's now on Facebook. It's a public page dedicated to The Daily Mocha Angel messages, and holistic tips about yoga, raw food, vegan food, energy healing and more. Please "Like" it, as I want to get my book published within the next 18-24 months and would like the word of mouth fan base to grow!

All you have to do is search "Mocha Angels" and it will come right up. Click the "Like" button on top and my posts will show up in your timeline.

I have a personal "Althea Hughes Wills" page too. My privacy settings are set to that only "Friends of Friends" can find me. If we do not have mutual friends, my name doesn't even come up. Send me an email if we don't have mutual friends. I can "Friend" you.

Thanks for joining the Mocha Angels Facebook page. And share it with your likeminded friends too!

Coming up: Have You Ever Seen a Healthy Vegan features a FAMILY tomorrow! And a review of Victoria Boutenko's updated classic Green for Life! (and because I love you all, someone will win a copy!)

Althea ◦

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