Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 Simple Drinks

Apple Juice

Make this to your taste.
Juice the following:
-3 apples
-kale, however many leaves you want
-lemon, to cut the bitter taste

This is the!

Write Love and Gratitude on your favorite cup to constantly remind yourself to remain in that state. I drink out of this glass all the time, so I am reminded to feel those feelings of appreciation daily.
Vanilla Shake

-2 frozen bananas
-honey or agave, to taste
-vanilla non-dairy milk of your choice: almond, soy, or rice,
about 2 cups
If it's a plain “milk” add vanilla extract.

I buy very ripe bananas and put them in the freezer. I run them under hot water until I can peel them. Then I break them in half, with my hands, and put them into the blender. Another easy way to freeze bananas is to slice them and put them in storage bags in the freezer.

No one would know this shake didn't have ice cream in it. My dad was impressed with the chocolate version (add chocolate or cacao powder, to your taste). It's an easy and simple drink.

And yes, if you buy the non-dairy milks, rather than making them yourself, then you've entered the processed food arena, making this drink not-raw. It's still vegan, but not raw. And that is okay. Be grateful, rather than stressed, about the positive changes you are making in your diet.




Egyirba said...


Do you freeze the bananas with the skins on?

Anonymous said...

nice! writing appreciations/reminders on your glass is a great idea. i definitely need to implement this asap!



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