Friday, October 24, 2008

Super Simple Recipes & a Bargain

Apple Kiwi Smoothie

This is a super easy, tasty smoothie.
2 bananas
1 apple, peeled or not
1 peeled kiwi
handful of kale and romaine lettuce
1 ½ cups of water

Sensational Simple Salsa

2 medium diced tomatoes
1/3 bunch chopped cilantro
2 cloves garlic
1-2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice
3 diced green onions
1-2 tablespoons diced yellow onion
Ground cumin, sea salt, to taste
Mix all ingredients together

These are fifty-three apples I got at my local farmer's stand for $5.75. These are seconds. They may be spotted, and not in the best condition, but they taste wonderful. I've been juicing, making smoothies, baking apple cobblers and apple crisps. Always ask about seconds at your farmer's markets and your grocery stores.

And here's another super easy recipe. I got this from The Garden Diet e-book. They said it was better than candy, so I gave it a try. There's no picture because it 's not much to look at, but damn it's good.

Sensuous Candy
1 very ripe banana
1 very ripe avocado
1 very ripe mango
Cut them all up. Mix in a bowl. Eat!
This is SO tasty. The flavors together are fantastic.

And this is a gift basket of organic fruit, tea, and soap from a client who I did an intuitive reading for. She was sweet to do this. People have been really nice to me lately and I truly appreciate the good vibes being sent my way.

I've doing something everyday this month that I got from the Mocha Angels. This is a part of the message:

I bring healing into my life this month. Each and every day, I take baby steps toward the life that I really want. I write my regrets and fears...that takes away their power. Then I tell those same regrets and fears how grateful I am for them because they show me the type of life I DO NOT want. Seeing all of this on paper makes it very clear.

Each morning, I ask God, "What baby steps can I take today to manifest the life that I truly desire?" I release how I receive my answers, but I trust that I will receive them, then I act. By the end of the month, because of my thoughts and actions, my life will have changed for the better.

I've been saying that sentence everyday, and I do feel different. I've started doing yoga before I get out of bed. I started watching The Secret, again, everyday. I've been doing this affirmation from Louise Hay everyday too. It goes like this:

Stand in front of a mirror. Say several times, “I deserve to be (or “to have” or “to feel”) ____________________ and I accept it now.”

See how you feel. If you have any resistance feelings in your body, add: “I remove the patterns in my consciousness that keep me from my highest good. I deserve to be (or “to have” or “to feel”) ____________________ and I accept it now.”

See how this works for you and let me know it goes!





Shelley Penney said...

Hi Althea Thanks for the new recip. I ALWAYS learn so much when I visit you! :-)

I've been into GREEN smoothies lately. Green smoothies are IN, FULL of green sunshiny life giving nutrition and in liquid form these nutrients have a shuttle directly to your cells. I feel closer to earth and sun when I fill myself with green juice, but I've had a hard time drinking big glasses of green smoothie because the taste can be quite, ... well.... grassy. It's an acquired taste for SURE.

I tried a new green smoothie recipe today and I LOVED it! For new to green drinkers this would be a good start. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (tomorrow I will add my green tea in keeping with the theme! :-)
The `No More Struggle`green smoothie

p.s. There's a HEALTH link directory on my blog. Drop by and add yours for my readers to find! Keep the great articles coming!

fly tie said...

very inspirational post.

don't you just love when you get a deal like that?? (the apples) i can't believe all the edible fruit a produce market throws out. that is, until i ask them to let me have it or get a reduced price.

definitely gonna have to get back into my green smoothies and juice really soon. i've been saying it forever, but i've gotta just do it.

handsome lil man. :-D


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